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Calvary Hosts President’s Dinner at Loretto Campus

Calvary Hosts President’s Dinner at Loretto Campus

“Calvary is not its campus… first and foremost, it’s a place where God does redemptive work in individuals through Christ.”

Presidents Dinner attendees walked the halls of the historic Loretto campus last Thursday revisiting Calvary’s roots. For many alumni, it was a chance to relive the memories of their college experience at the campus where Calvary operated from 1967 to 1980. Nearly 150 persons attended the event and heard an address by interim president Jeff Campa, a performance by Calvary’s music group lux voces, and testimonies from alumni. Dave Allen, who assisted planning the event, said, “As a recent graduate from the Graduate school at Calvary, it was extremely gratifying to see the history on display” at the historic campus.

Gracia Burnham, who studied at the Loretto campus, shared a quote from Adoniram Judson, “There is no success without sacrifice. If you succeed without sacrifice it is because someone has sacrificed before you. If you sacrifice without success it is because someone will succeed after.” She encouraged the faculty, staff, and donors that the sacrifices they make have impact, even when they don’t see them. Alumnus Bud Jones added, “The foundation I received here is still preparing me… I have no better memories in my Christian life than the memories I have at Calvary.”

Chief Financial Officer Randy Grimm presented the annual Hand-in-Hand award, a recognition given to an organization that has blessed and served Calvary in the past year. Grimm presented this year’s award to Calvary’s Board of Trustees, “for their leadership, wisdom, and prayers in a year of great challenges.” Chairman of the Board, Tom Zobrist, said, “We do what we do because we love Calvary and we love Jesus… we want to glorify Him.”

Interim President Jeff Campa also addressed attendees, saying, “The alumni that call this place home can attest to [God’s] work in and through Calvary, and they are bearing witness to God’s faithfulness in their lives and ministry.” He added that, in the face of a difficult year, “We learned that Calvary is not its campus… first and foremost, it’s a place where God does redemptive work in individuals through Christ. For 88 years, God has used people just like you, organizations just like yours to sustain this work, and for that, we are ever grateful.”

Interim President Jeff Campa addresses attendees.

Touring the room where chapel was held.

Fred Hendricks shares how his time at Calvary impacted him.

Calvary students served the meal catered by Affordable Elegance.

Calvary’s Online Master’s Program in Top 25

Calvary’s Online Master’s Program in Top 25 recently awarded Calvary University with the #20 spot for its online Master’s degrees.

To determine the ranking, “the editors at Best Master’s Programs started with a pool of Evangelical and mainline Protestant colleges and universities offering online graduate programs. From there, they were ranked according to cost, alumni salary, and variety of offerings.”

The ranking explained, “As one of the Midwest’s best online Christian universities, Calvary University offers three graduate degrees through the school’s online system.” Calvary University provides a Master of Science (MS) in Worship Arts, a Master of Science (MSEd) in Education, and a Master of Science (MS) in Organizational Development. “Calvary University offers tuition discounts to military members or those who are currently working full-time in a ministerial position.”

Keeping Calvary’s Campus Safe

Keeping Calvary’s Campus Safe

Calvary resumes campus life with COVID precautions.

Across Calvary’s campus, faculty and staff work to keep a sanitary environment. Calvary’s Director of Food Service, Joe Dapra, explained the precautions the cafeteria is taking “to minimize risk of the spread of COVID-19.” He said, “After meals we sanitize high-touch areas. Students are asked to wear masks when entering the building and going through the serving line. There is hand sanitizer available.” To ensure health among the cafeteria staff, “Serving staff wear masks during the meal. Kitchen staff practice standard procedures with hand washing and wearing of gloves. We are set up to record temperatures and ask questions about wellness for staff coming to work.”

The Hilda Kroeker Library established protocols to eliminate germs from shared resources. Head Librarian Tiffany Smith said, to minimize the spread of germs, “the library is quarantining items for a minimum of 72 hours.” To create a safe study environment, Smith said, “While masks are required to be worn when moving about the library building, seating areas have been spaced so that they do not have to remain on during study of non-reference and non-reserve materials.” The library staff sanitizes study areas after each use to cut down germ transfer.

Calvary is keeping the classroom safe, too. Face shields are in place for professors, and ample space enables social distancing. Faculty and students carefully sanitize tables, doorknobs, and other high traffic areas before and after each class period. In the fluid situation of COVID-19, Calvary is committed to the safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

Students cheer on Calvary’s volleyball team.

The Warrior Café also implemented special sanitizing measures.

Early College and Dual Enrollment Growing

Early College and Dual Enrollment Growing

Dual Enrollment Doubles!

Calvary’s Early College program grew rapidly in the past school year, with the number of Dual Enrolled students more than doubling. Early College allows high schoolers to earn college credit while still in high school at the reduced rate of $54 per credit hour. Dual enrollment, a subset of Early College, enables students to take a course through Calvary and earn credit towards their high school and higher education programs simultaneously.

Admissions Team Manager Tammy Pihl said, “Dual Enrollment are those people who generally are attending [Calvary] through a school that’s made an arrangement with us… or a school where a student has made an arrangement with us.” These programs give students a head start on their undergraduate degrees once they graduate high school. Pihl added that, “Homeschooling grows in Missouri by 15% a year, and I think our Early College is on track with that.”

Pihl also noted a growing trend towards Dual Enrollment in public secondary education. “Schools are moving towards partnering with a [university]. What is setting Calvary apart, why it’s growing so fast at Calvary, is our [online]. It’s a much better situation where you can turn on a TV and there’s a teacher talking to your class.” She also added that “our professors are golden,” creating flexible options to work with high schools’ timelines. Calvary’s Early College options provide a great way for students to fast-track their early college at a fraction of the cost of normal tuition.

Dr. An Chairs Music Department

Dr. An Chairs Music Department

Dr. An sings during Convocation.

Long-time Music Faculty Moves Into New Role

Dr. Haekyung An, who has taught at Calvary for ten years, transitioned to chair the Music Department this fall. An earned her Bachelor and Master of Music in Vocal Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music, a Master of Music in Opera and Musical Theater from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and a Doctor of Musical Arts in Vocal Performance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. 

An said she pursued a music career because, “Music is my best friend… I didn’t need any choice, so it was very natural for me from a young age.” Her wide range of experience, from classical to musical theatre to opera, gives her an extensive body of training to teach from. An said Calvary’s students “all come from different places, dealing with different issues in singing,” and she enjoys getting to know them and helping them hone their skills.

As she steps into this new role, An said, “I want our students to get great training, to have a great experience so that they can go out there and do the things that they want to do.” She added, “There are many graduates out there doing work, especially worship arts degrees… It’s a huge compliment [to the department]. And also, it’s amazing to watch their journey glorifying God, that they’ve trained here and they’re doing it out there.”

Despite the challenges of teaching in a COVID-safe environment, An is excited for the semester’s opportunities. She said, “I love my colleagues; they’re the best people. We work closely together and going forward, even though we are dealing with the situation with COVID, whatever the circumstances our work is not going to stop.”

Dr. An teaches a Master Class on performing audition pieces.

Calvary Returns to Historic Campus for President’s Dinner

Calvary Returns to Historic Campus for President’s Dinner

Deadline to sign up is Monday (September 14)

For this year’s President’s Dinner, Calvary is revisiting history at the historic Loretto campus in downtown Kansas City. Calvary operated at Loretto from 1967-1980, and Bill Stebbins, Calvary’s Chief Development Officer, said in the stressful environment 2020 has created, “what better thing to do than to go back and bask in our roots?” Stebbins explained that the event gives Calvary’s president an opportunity to tell attendees “what we’ve done in the past year, as well as where we’re going.”  

Jeff Campa, Calvary’s Interim President, said, “Hosting the 2020 President’s Dinner at the Loretto allows for two wonderful things. First, it’s an incredibly beautiful venue for any banquet. Second, since this facility was the home of Calvary for many years it’s the perfect backdrop to reflect on the work God has done, and continues to do, in and through the University.”

A highlight of this year’s event will be the focus on how God is using alumni who attended Calvary at Loretto. Campa said, “The testimony of alumni whose ministries were molded at this location serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness, and challenges current and future generations to diligence.”

Lois Olson, 1974, Missions

“It was a wonderful time for me. I learned so much about God, about the Bible, about life, and about relationships. I grew up a lot! Calvary helped set me on a path of living for the Lord for the rest of my life.”

Carpenter, left, with Melody Messengers.

Paul Carpenter, 1974, General Bible

I developed a lot of good Christian friendships. I was on the gospel team called Melody Messenger that had a lot to do with my Calvary experience. …Plus the sound teaching of the Word. Dispensational theology was important to me.

President’s Dinner 2020 takes place September 24 at 6:00. Tickets are still available, but the deadline to sign up is September 14! Read more and sign up below.