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STEM Department

Biblical Equipping for Excellence in Life and Service







The STEM Department develops students who are well-grounded in the basic sciences and math taught from the biblical worldview. Students will be able to solve applied science and math problems, use the scientific method, and learn to critically evaluate recent scientific studies. They will learn how to defend their faith in the areas of science and math. These objectives are accomplished through completing courses in biology, chemistry, physical science, nutritional science, and mathematics.

STEM Department Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of science and math and apply this knowledge to practical applications.
  • Distinguish between the naturalistic and biblical worldviews of science and formulate an accurate and effective defense of their faith.
  • Develop an understanding of the scientific method and be able to create properly designed studies and evaluate data from these studies.
  • Be able to analyze the shortcomings and strengths of popular science-related news to determine its validity.
  • Be able to solve complex math equations and apply mathematical equations to common problems.

STEM Department Faculty

    Mr. Chris Basel

    Mr. Chris Basel

    M.S. (Chemistry) Graduate Certificate (Pharmacology)

    Department Chair of STEM, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

    Mr. Kurt Bricker

    Mr. Kurt Bricker

    M.S. (Electrical Engineering), M.A. (Biblical Studies), M.Div

    Adjunct Faculty, Physics and Mathematics

    Mr. James Briggs

    Mr. James Briggs

    M.S. (Mathematics)

    Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

    Dr. Meredeth Perhne

    Dr. Meredeth Perhne

    Ph.D. (Biomedical Sciences – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

    Adjunct Faculty, Biology

    STEM Department Programs

    • Minor in Chemistry
    • Minor in Biology
    • Minor in Mathematics
    • Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry

    Our interdisciplinary biology and chemistry degree is a pre-professional combination of minors to prepare students for application to a medical, dental, or other health-related school. Click here to view the planner.

    Click here to view other interdisciplinary degrees.

    Professional Directed Studies (PDS) Programs

    • BS in Chemistry
    • BS in Computer Science
    • BS in Mathematics
    • BS in Pre-Medicine

    Click here to view PDS Program planners.