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Ministry Studies

Biblical Equipping for Excellence in Life and Service








The Ministry Studies Department program and concentrations are designed to equip students with the essential academic, interpersonal, and practical skills to serve as pastors, associate pastors, missionaries, and ministry directors in local churches and parachurch organizations.  Each program combines extensive classroom instruction by ministry-seasoned professors and supervised ministry experiences (i.e., internships) with experienced ministry leaders in order to give students the necessary biblical and practical understanding of ministry in today’s world. The program has multiple concentrations.


Ministry Studies Program and Concentrations:

  • Ministry Studies, Baccalaureate Degrees
    • Ministry Studies
    • Children’s Ministry
    • Intercultural Studies
    • Pastoral Ministry (Bachelor of Arts)
    • Pastoral Ministry (Bachelor of Science)
    • Youth Ministry
    • Youth Ministry – Worship Arts
  • Ministry Studies, Associate’s Degree
    • Children’s Ministry
    • Ministry Studies

Ministry Studies Objectives

The Ministry Studies student will:
  • Demonstrate the Christian Character qualities essential for Christian ministry.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theology, theories, methodologies, and skills essential for effective Christian ministry leadership.
  • Develop effective communication skills essential for Christian ministry.
  • Develop basic interpersonal skills necessary for addressing the spiritual needs of people.
  • Acquire basic ministry skills under the guidance of a mature, seasoned professional supervisor in the kind of ministry setting anticipated after graduation.

Ministry Studies Special Requirements

  • A supervised internship in a ministry setting appropriate to the enrolled emphasis is required for Pastoral Ministry, Intercultural Studies, and Youth Ministry students.
  • A Senior Seminar oral examination is required for Pastoral Ministry, Intercultural Studies, and Youth Ministry students.
  • A grade of C or higher is required in BL232, Greek II, and in each succeeding Greek course before taking the next level Greek course for Pastoral Ministry students.
  • A GPA of 2.5 or higher must be maintained in all Ministry Studies courses for Pastoral Ministry students.

Children’s Ministry Resources from CEF

Child Evangelism Fellowship is now offering a 30-minute weekly online Good News Club posted on U-NITE YouTube channel for kids!  It features a Bible lesson, song, memory verse, and cliff-hanger missionary story inviting children back next week.

See a Gospel presentation using the Wordless Book.  The young boy featured in the video believed on Jesus through the filming!

See an 8-minute video or view a digital copy of the special crisis booklet, “Do You Wonder Why?“.

Ministry Studies Faculty

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Mr. Shaun LePage

Mr. Shaun LePage


Associate VP of Marketing and Communications, Department Chair of Ministry Studies, Assistant Professor of Ministry Studies

Dr. Mike Dodds

Dr. Mike Dodds

Th.M., D.Min.

Director of the CU Press, Professor of Ministry Studies

Mr. Joshua Paxton

Mr. Joshua Paxton


Director of the Burnham Center for Global Engagement; Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

Dr. Tom Stolberg

Dr. Tom Stolberg

M.Mus., D.M.A.

Professor of Music

Ministry Studies

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