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Intercultural Studies







Intercultural Education is more necessary than ever before.

According to Dr. Joshua Paxton, the need for Christians to understand how to communicate and relate with people of other cultures is only going to increase.

Paxton, Director of the Calvary University Burnham Center for Global Engagement and Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies, explains what exactly is Intercultural Education, why relating to and teaching cross-culturally is different from teaching someone of the same culture and some of the things a person needs to know in order to communicate and teach cross-culturally.


The word “synergy” refers to cooperation between two or more organizations. That is exactly what this option entails. Through Calvary’s relationships with several mission agencies, students have the option of progressing immediately to the mission field through taking specific coursework in conjunction with a chosen missions agency’s existing training program. Click here for more information.

Burnham Center for Global Engagement

Globally, 3.1 billion people remain unreached with the life-saving gospel.  Through classroom instruction and partnerships with current practitioners in missions like Avant, Crossworld, Biblical Ministries Worldwide, and Ethnos360, the Burnham Center for Global Engagement provides students with the biblical and cultural knowledge and skills necessary for cross-cultural work and ministry.  The Burnham Center is designed to train students to effectively communicate the gospel in an ever changing world.


Joshua Paxton, M.Div., Ed.D.

Joshua Paxton, M.Div., Ed.D.

Program Director of Intercultural Studies and Director of the Burnham Center for Global Engagement

Joshua Paxton has been with Calvary since 2012, first as Missionary in Residence and now as Director of the Burnham Center.  Josh and his wife Amber have served with Avant Ministries, a Kansas City based mission agency since 2009. Josh still serves with Avant part-time in a recruitment role. His experience includes time in Italy, Poland, and Greece. His favorite classes to teach are Cultural Anthropology, Cross Cultural Communication, and Evangelism and Church Planting. He is still heavily involved in the Kansas City community in ministries to immigrants and refugees.

Tim Hange, M.Ed., D.A.

Tim Hange, M.Ed., D.A.

Department Chair of English and TESOL Coordinator

Tim Hange completed eight years of service as an academic missionary in Moscow, Russia. He and his wife served at Hinkson Christian Academy, led English clubs and camps through the English Cafe ministry, and tutored children at state orphanages. Tim’s hobbies include playing guitar, reading, playing strategic board games, and studying the Russian language. His primary passions, however, are working with international students and creating contexts for discipleship through education.

Intercultural Studies (Major/Minor)
Judy Swartz

The Intercultural Studies program at Calvary provided a rich experience of learning about diverse cultures and beliefs. I appreciated the textbook readings, engaging class interactions, and writing assignments which facilitated my understanding about other cultures and ministry. In my chaplaincy vocation, I take with me into the clinic setting the communication, counseling, cultural, and theological concepts and skills I learned from my Intercultural Studies classes at Calvary University.

Nathan Harmer

The Intercultural Studies program at Calvary University has given me a solid foundation for cross-cultural ministry. I continually find myself going back to this foundation as I serve in ministry. I am so thankful that God gave me the opportunity to be prepared for service at Calvary.

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