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Fred Hendricks 2021 Alumnus of the Year

Fred Hendricks 2021 Alumnus of the Year

“My years at Calvary were the best years of my Christian life.”

Fred Hendricks has been chosen as Calvary University’s alumnus of the year. Hendricks graduated from CBC in 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. Today, he is the senior pastor at Alton Bible Church in Alton, Illinois.

“Fred is a biblical leader,” said Dr. Allan Henderson, CU Professor of Education and Bible, who has known Hendricks for many years. “He demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the Lord through his preaching, teaching, and lifestyle. You can tell that he has a strong walk with the Lord after being with him for a few short minutes.”

Hendricks grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. While working as a barber, his boss invited him to church, where he got involved in a Bible study. He trusted Christ after memorizing John 3:18 and understanding the gospel for the first time. He served in the Vietnam war in the early 1970’s and that military service provided him the opportunity to study at Calvary.

“I thought I had died and gone to heaven,” Hendricks said about his early days at Calvary. “Along with the fellowship of the faculty, the student body was made up of the best people I’ve ever met in my life to this very day. I am still in touch with classmates who still encourage me and check in on me, and I have a ministry to them in the same way.”

He went on to Dallas Theological Seminary, graduating in 1981. He then returned to St. Louis, serving as pastor of Blessed Hope Bible Church for 17 years, and in 2002 becoming senior pastor at Alton Bible Church. In addition, he serves with Marketplace Ministries as a chaplain for various companies in the greater St. Louis metro area.

Hendricks is passionate about the values which Calvary University upholds. “I am what I am and who I am because of Calvary. I love that the school has maintained its doctrinal position. Calvary is a rare school. I wish every college-bound student could go there.”

“Being alumnus of the year is a tremendous honor,” he continued. “I am thankful that Calvary was my personal grounding in Christianity. My years at Calvary were the best years in my Christian life. I think there are many others who deserve this recognition much more than I deserve it. I am very thankful, appreciative, and grateful for it.”

Fred Hendricks was recognized as 'Alumnus of the Year' in a special presentation at Calvary's 2021 Commencement.

Fred Hendricks (CBC75) was recognized as “Alumnus of the Year” in a special presentation at Calvary’s 2021 Commencement. 

Golfer Bobby Clayton was a “people guy”

Golfer Bobby Clayton was a “people guy”

“His charisma, sense of humor and knowledge of the Bible drew people to seek him out.”

Bobby Clayton was a beloved Calvary alumnus who passed away September 16th, 2020, from cancer. He was one of the people who originally initiated the idea for a golf tournament at CU. Clayton attended the tournament each year up until the year of his passing.  

Randy Clayton, Bobby’s son, described him as fiercely loyal and generous. My father was flawed and imperfect like the rest of us, but he cared deeply about people. Many people have said the same thing about him and that was that he had the gift of “phone.” If he was thinking about you, he would often call that person out of the blue. Many times, it was an encouraging call that they needed at just the right time. 

Dad was a Navy veteran and served during the end of the Korean war,” Randy said. After he was discharged, we moved back to Wichita KS, and he became a golf professional and was an assistant pro at several different golf clubs in the Wichita area.

Dad was 26 years old when Jesus found him and saved him. We attended Wichita Bible Church. He immediately had a hunger for understanding God’s word which led him and his young family to Kansas City and Calvary Bible College in 1966. He crammed four years into five, majoring in Pastoral Studies and graduated with high marks in 1971 and then took a church in Paola, Kansas.”  

As Bobby became a respected Bible teacher, serving as pastor, elder and teacher in Paola, and later back in Kansas City, golf was always a significant part of his life. He became a sales representative for the Ben Hogan Golf Company, and worked for at least three country clubs repairing clubs and giving golf lessons. 

“Dad was a master club fitter and repair professional and was inducted into the PGA Midwest Section ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2009,” Randy explained. “He was a craftsman. He was still working at the age of 84 at Blue Hills Country Club where had a repair shop and gave golf lessons until he passed away.

Dad was a people guy,” Randy said. He enjoyed and benefitted from counseling and training couples and small groups of believers in Bible doctrine and Greek language studies. He could fill the pulpit and was a good teacher but working with individuals and small groups was his gift. His charisma, sense of humor and knowledge of the Bible drew people to seek him out. He was the associate pastor at Koinonia Bible Church in Kansas City. I can tell you he was loved by the congregation. The Sunday before his passing, the church showed up and worshiped and had church in his front yard and they had an opportunity to say goodbye to him. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. 

The 2021 Calvary University Golf Tournament will be played in Bobby’s honor. It has been named The Bobby Clayton Memorial Golf Tournament. 

Bobby Clayton Memorial Golf Tournament

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Calvary Hosts President’s Dinner at Loretto Campus

Calvary Hosts President’s Dinner at Loretto Campus

“Calvary is not its campus… first and foremost, it’s a place where God does redemptive work in individuals through Christ.”

Presidents Dinner attendees walked the halls of the historic Loretto campus last Thursday revisiting Calvary’s roots. For many alumni, it was a chance to relive the memories of their college experience at the campus where Calvary operated from 1967 to 1980. Nearly 150 persons attended the event and heard an address by interim president Jeff Campa, a performance by Calvary’s music group lux voces, and testimonies from alumni. Dave Allen, who assisted planning the event, said, “As a recent graduate from the Graduate school at Calvary, it was extremely gratifying to see the history on display” at the historic campus.

Gracia Burnham, who studied at the Loretto campus, shared a quote from Adoniram Judson, “There is no success without sacrifice. If you succeed without sacrifice it is because someone has sacrificed before you. If you sacrifice without success it is because someone will succeed after.” She encouraged the faculty, staff, and donors that the sacrifices they make have impact, even when they don’t see them. Alumnus Bud Jones added, “The foundation I received here is still preparing me… I have no better memories in my Christian life than the memories I have at Calvary.”

Chief Financial Officer Randy Grimm presented the annual Hand-in-Hand award, a recognition given to an organization that has blessed and served Calvary in the past year. Grimm presented this year’s award to Calvary’s Board of Trustees, “for their leadership, wisdom, and prayers in a year of great challenges.” Chairman of the Board, Tom Zobrist, said, “We do what we do because we love Calvary and we love Jesus… we want to glorify Him.”

Interim President Jeff Campa also addressed attendees, saying, “The alumni that call this place home can attest to [God’s] work in and through Calvary, and they are bearing witness to God’s faithfulness in their lives and ministry.” He added that, in the face of a difficult year, “We learned that Calvary is not its campus… first and foremost, it’s a place where God does redemptive work in individuals through Christ. For 88 years, God has used people just like you, organizations just like yours to sustain this work, and for that, we are ever grateful.”

Interim President Jeff Campa addresses attendees.

Touring the room where chapel was held.

Fred Hendricks shares how his time at Calvary impacted him.

Calvary students served the meal catered by Affordable Elegance.

Calvary Alum Launches Local Coffee Shop

Calvary Alum Launches Local Coffee Shop

Roberts opened Joy Coffee this summer.

“I’ve seen a lot of healing happen, and just community and fellowship that comes from drinking a cup of coffee with another person.”

On July 20th, Calvary Grad Moriah Roberts opened a new coffee shop in Independence, Missouri. Roberts said the shop, called Joy Coffee, has been in development for a year and a half now. It is the fruition of Roberts’ long-time dream. She said, “That was always kind of the end goal, to open a coffee shop and to provide high quality coffee, a high quality environment, and high quality service.”

Roberts graduated from Calvary in 2015 with a degree in Advanced Biblical Studies and a minor in Theatre Arts. She said, “I felt like if I wanted to eventually be in coffee ministry, I really wanted to get a good foundation of the Bible and Scripture. And what I loved about the Advanced Biblical Studies program was the way that [our department head] pushed us to work out our theology and be able to defend it on our own.”

Before she began work on starting her shop, Roberts managed Calvary’s Warrior Café for four years. She said, “There’s something beautiful about the fellowship that happened around a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate, or tea… I’ve seen a lot of healing happen, and just community and fellowship that comes from drinking a cup of coffee with another person.” Roberts expressed her excitement to see conversations, community, mentoring happen through Joy Coffee. “I’m just excited that we can be a small part of someone else’s story.”

Joy Coffee offers a family-friendly play space to entertain kids.
Joy Coffee offers a variety of coffees, teas, cocoa, and baked goods. Check out their website, or visit their location at City House in Independance, Mo.
Calvary Grad Serves Youth through Equine Assisted Learning

Calvary Grad Serves Youth through Equine Assisted Learning

Emily Schmidt at Horsepower

“The biblical view I got at Calvary is the lens through which I look at counseling theories.”

Emily Schmidt graduated from Calvary with her bachelor’s degree in 2010. She went on to earn her certification as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Registered Play Therapist (RPT). She’s putting her degrees to work at Horsepower, an experiential learning program that helps students develop life skills in a ranch environment. Their equine assisted learning—equine assisted therapy when taught by a licensed therapist—focuses on reaching at-risk youth.

Schmidt said, “The program is about seven weeks long, and each week there’s a different theme.” These themes include communication, empathy, and decision making, and they help students develop and translate relational skills with horses to their human relationships.

The ministry at HorsePower appealed to Schmidt because of her long-time love for horses, as well as the integral role horses played in her coming to faith. Growing up with a difficult family life, she said, “I was desperate for a change, so I came up to Kansas City to go to a horse clinic.” She found an opportunity to work at a local horse farm, and through friends there, started going to church and was saved a few months later. She knew she wanted to go to Bible College, and she started her studies at Calvary in 2006.

Schmidt found Horsepower shortly out of college through a friend, and said, “It’s really interesting, because I remember volunteering, and I remember praying, ‘God, these kids need a Christian therapist. Please send them a Christian therapist.’ But I had no idea it was going to be me.” After attempting to start a horse-based program on her own, Schmidt decided to go back to school to become a licensed therapist. She also discovered natural lifemanship, a method of equine-assisted therapy that focuses on the therapeutic and healing effects that interaction with horses can have on psychological and behavioral disorders. Schmidt said many forms of horsemanship focus on controlling the horse, but HorsePower trains students to understand and work with their horse, teaching them a better model for healthy relationships.

With ten years of experience now, Schmidt said, “It’s amazing. We’ve had kids in the past that very clearly had no beliefs, and I got to share the gospel with them. Also, seeing them growing in ways that are going to help them relate to God in the future. We’re not always talking about God all the time, but we’re helping kids learn to have healthy relationships and attachment with humans.” She added that, “When working with kids, you don’t always see the fruit right away,” but the patterns they create prime the kids for a healthier relationship with God.

Looking to the future, Schmidt said her dream is to eventually be part of her own equine assistance program with a vision to “be compelled by love as we create space for relationships that bring hope and healing to a hurting world.” She said, “The biblical view I got at Calvary is the lens through which I look at counseling theories” without getting distracted by misplaced theories. “There are people who’ve dedicated their lives to studying human nature, and what they’re seeing is accurate, but something in their interpretation is wonky because of their worldview. So you can still learn, as long as you know how to interpret it biblically at the end of the day.”

Cory Young Named Alumnus of the Year

Cory Young Named Alumnus of the Year

Interim President Jeff Campa presents the Alumnus of the Year award to Cory Young on June 27.

“The free grace and the dispensational theology that I came out of Calvary with drives everything that I have done.”

Cory Young, a Calvary graduate of 2003, was given the Calvary University Alumnus of the Year Award at the 2020 Commencement ceremony on June 27. Young serves as a rodeo chaplain through Golden Spurs Ministries. He explained, “[Rodeos are] a subculture in the U.S. that, because of their lifestyle, they’re on the road a lot, so it’s a needed thing.” Interim president Jeff Campa presented the award to Young, who said, “The free grace and the dispensational theology that I came out of Calvary with drives everything that I have done.”

Young grew up near Belton, Missouri, just south of Calvary’s campus. Horses and rodeos were a part of his life from a very young age. He said, “I grew up in that world, and that was kind of part of my family.” Young was raised in a church that “didn’t really preach the gospel,” so when he attended a rodeo Bible camp at age 16, he heard the gospel for the first time. He expected to learn his sport better and thought he was “good on the church stuff,” but when he heard the gospel explained, he said, “I was an easy sell.”

Young came to Calvary to earn his bachelor’s degree in Missions and Pastoral Studies and said, “When I did my internship, I never thought I could do my rodeo ministry… but I ended up with a rodeo chaplain—the only guy that did it—and I actually did my internship with the same guy that led me to Christ.”

After graduating, Young worked for Calvary’s maintenance department and served as a youth pastor in Belton. “After that, I just started hitting I think ten rodeo Bible camps in the summer.” Young quickly became involved in the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA), serving at the National High School Finals Rodeo and National Junior High Finals Rodeo for the past 15 years.

As Young developed his outreach, he formed Golden Spur Ministries. Young and his wife, Leslie, are currently the only members on staff, but they have trained other leaders who went on to Bible college and other ministries.

Young said 17 years down the road, his time at Calvary is still impacting his ministry. “I’m still going back and using resources and notes, and that foundation is essential.” He noted that, “I had to take Greek and a lot of hermeneutics, and it taught me how to learn. I rely on that every day. On the flipside, having the missions program’s courses on culture has really informed a lot of my ministry. Even though this is not as stark of a difference [in culture], it still trained me to look at things through the culture.”

Cory, his wife Leslie, and son, CT.
Young ministers at rodeos across the country.