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DESE Approves Master’s Degree for Principal Certification

DESE Approves Master’s Degree for Principal Certification

The Education Department at Calvary University seeks to prepare students to serve God in multiple settings. For the last 14 years, Calvary’s undergraduate Education majors have been able to obtain Missouri State Teaching Certification. Consequently, over the years, undergraduate Education majors have graduated and gone on to serve God in Christian schools, public schools, charter schools, rural schools, suburban schools, urban schools, and international schools.

Additionally, Calvary’s graduate Education majors have graduated with a Master of Science in Education with a focus on Educational Administration and Leadership, and they continue to serve God in various Christian educational settings. While they received a quality education, they were not state certified as principals.

Are you interested in serving God as a public school principal?

This month the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) granted approval of our Master of Science in Education (Educational Administration and Leadership) curriculum. Consequently, a Calvary University graduate Education major can now become state certified to serve God as a principal in a Missouri public school.

Brief Overview of How to Become State Certified as a School Leader, K-12
    • Complete core coursework
    • Complete two internships
    • Pass the Praxis exam
    • Apply for certification

If you are interested in becoming state certified as a School Leader, K-12, please consider enrolling in Calvary University’s Master of Science in Education with a focus on Educational Administration and Leadership. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Mary Briggs at [email protected].

Introducing Ron Sharp, Dean of Students

Introducing Ron Sharp, Dean of Students

Calvary is excited to welcome Ron Sharp into the role of Dean of Students at Calvary, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted faith. His faith journey began in his early years, growing up within the church, but it wasn’t until a pivotal moment during a revival service in 1976 that the gospel truly resonated with him. From that moment on, Ron’s life became a series of steps of faith in following Christ, leading him toward discipleship and mentorship.

With a B.A. from Southeastern Louisiana University and an M.A.T.S. and an M.R.E. from Liberty University, Ron’s career took him through Christian publishing and eventually to the role of mentor, both formally and informally. He developed a passion for discipleship through his interactions in college and later as an advisor at various institutions.

Ron’s approach to mentoring is marked by a belief in the importance of maintaining availability and genuine care. He emphasizes the importance of personal growth and development, seeing progress and maturity in his mentees as they navigate through life’s challenges. Ron shared that although he’s passionate about witnessing growth in students’ lives, his commitment extends beyond graduation, desiring to see students flourish long after they leave campus.

“I’m excited about the present—seeing the transformation and maturing that takes place. But more than that, I ask them, ‘What are you going to become? What are you going to do with all that you’ve learned?’”

As Ron steps into his new role as Dean of Students, he is excited to interact with students on a deeper level, both inside and outside the classroom. He sees Calvary’s weekly chapel services as a cornerstone of the campus community and is eager to foster an environment where students can grow spiritually and academically. Ron’s vision for Calvary encompasses a holistic approach to education, integrating faith and learning in a way that impacts not only the present but also shapes each student’s future.

With his experience, passion, and unwavering faith, Ron Sharp looks forward to making an impact as the new Dean of Students at Calvary, guiding students on their journey of faith and education with wisdom and compassion.

The Pursuit of Learning for God’s Glory

The Pursuit of Learning for God’s Glory

Calvary University partners with professors who desire to glorify God and equip students to do the same. Dr. Timothy Hange is a direct example of this with a strong passion for life-long learning, rooted in a desire to love and honor the Lord. Critical thinking, thoughtful engagement, and the pursuit of learning have all contributed to Dr Hange’s philosophy of glorifying God and of teaching.

Dr. Hange is currently a professor in the English Department and has taught at Calvary since 2017. He recently earned his Doctorate in English Pedagogy and Technology and English Language from Murray State University. This has further equipped him to serve Calvary’s English Department and provides a direct example to students of honoring the Lord through lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity.

As a professor, Dr. Hange desires to share this perspective with his students by challenging them to think critically and establish their own perspective from the truth of the Bible. By integrating literature, he helps students to develop a biblical worldview that is both informed by the broad scope of humanity and founded on Scripture. Dr. Hange fosters and encourages this in his courses and by modeling constant learning.

“If we are to love the Lord with our mind, we are to be constantly open to learning.” Dr. Timothy Hange

Desiring to learn has significantly contributed to Dr. Hange’s testimony and many of his life experiences. After seeking to understand all major world religions, Dr. Hange was astonished to find Christianity to be the single and best explanation for reality; leading him to place his faith in Christ at twenty years old.

This directly impacted the course of Dr. Hange’s life as he pursued both knowledge and Christ. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and business administration, working for fifteen years in software engineering, after spending time as a Youth Pastor. God drew the hearts of him and his wife, Karen, to the people of Russia, leading them to adopt two children from there in 2002 and spend years travelling and doing orphanage outreaches. Two years after moving to Moscow in 2007, Dr. Hange earned his master’s degree in teaching English. This allowed him to teach in Moscow for eight years, in which he continued to work with orphanages, serve in an evangelistic outreach program, and thoughtfully engage in the Russian culture.

Dr. Hange’s life is a testimony of how God uses the skills and interests He has given us for His glory. As he passionately continues to pursue learning, Dr. Hange instills in his students that diligent learning not only glorifies God, but also equips believers to share truth with others in extraordinary ways.

Introducing New Microcredential Programs

Introducing New Microcredential Programs

Calvary University is excited to announce a new enrollment option for the upcoming fall semester that makes biblical education even more accessible: Microcredentials. Designed to equip Christians for effective leadership and service, each Microcredential program includes a specialized set of courses that are tailored to meet the unique needs of today’s Christian community. 

Microcredentials are short, flexible programs that offer targeted learning opportunities in specific areas of interest. Unlike traditional degree programs, which require a significant time commitment, Microcredentials are structured around just three to four courses each. This allows individuals to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in a shorter period, making them ideal for working professionals, non-traditional students, and lifelong learners. Plus, accredited courses can count towards a degree at Calvary University or transfer to other institutions through articulation agreements, ensuring your investment if you decide to continue your education. 

Our Microcredential offerings reflect Calvary University’s commitment to preparing Christians to live and serve according to the biblical worldview. With flexible learning options and focused course offerings, we empower students to navigate the complexities of the modern world while remaining grounded in timeless biblical truths. Whether through courses in biblical studies, theology, or corporate culture, students gain the practical skills and knowledge needed to lead with integrity, compassion, and wisdom. 

For the believer seeking to enrich his or her ministry or a professional looking to integrate faith and work, Calvary University’s Microcredentials offer an effective and efficient pathway to practical growth and impact. Check out our Microcredential options and enroll today to start this fall! 

Jeremy Schell: His Years of Service at Calvary

Jeremy Schell: His Years of Service at Calvary

“I have loved being inspired by my students.”

“I met Jesus in 1991 in my parents’ living room,” Jeremy states, remembering his first authentic encounter with God. Although Jeremy had been attending church for years, his beliefs were centered on his parents’ instead of his own. But, on an August evening of that year, Jeremy surrendered his life to Jesus, inspiring him to glorify God with his gifts in music and leadership ever since. “It started with me just serving at my church in a simple way, like playing the piano during Sunday services; but this eventually expanded into me receiving leadership roles. I served as the director of our orchestra, children’s choir, choir, and led worship, and then became a staff member.” Jeremy was hired at what was then Kansas City Baptist Temple in 2004; when God opened the door to become full-time in 2006, Jeremy was hired as the worship director, and then moved into pastoral ministry.

“When I was approached about joining Calvary’s teaching staff, I was excited to instruct students in their paths to future careers in ministry and music.” When thinking about his favorite memories at Calvary, he states: “My favorite memory teaching culminated the year we performed John Rutter’s Requiem at St Paul’s Episcopal church. We delivered our concert to standing-room only and the audience felt alive as we performed beautiful melodies and lyrics of this gorgeous work. Beyond that, I have fond memories of multiple chorale tours and countless evenings spending time with my students, talking about life with them until the early hours of the morning.” He adds, “I have loved being inspired by my students. This has happened in two ways: the first being when a student goes on to bigger and greater things in their career; this makes me feel privileged to have played a part in their training. Second, when I have witnessed “light-bulb moments” in my classroom. I have so much enjoyed watching the very moment my students catch a concept! These have been some of the most rewarding moments in my years of teaching.”

In the near future, Jeremy looks forward to continuing pastoring and leading teams at Graceway Church while also having more quality time to spend with his family: “As our children get into advanced sports, I’ll get to see a lot of volleyball, baseball, and basketball games in my future, and I am looking forward to being there during those special moments!” Jeremy is grateful for the opportunity and honor he has had to teach at Calvary for the past nine years, serving students and sharing with them what God has taught him: “It has been a special honor to conduct the Calvary Chorale, lead Calvary’s praise band, and teach in classrooms and studios with men and women of God who are excited about what God is going to do with their lives, gifts, and talents.”


Teaching Today’s Generation: Abigail Stolberg

Teaching Today’s Generation: Abigail Stolberg

Abigail Stolberg is a recent graduate of Calvary University who is equipped to teach today’s generation.

“I look forward to taking hold of every opportunity God has for me.”

Abigail Stolberg graduated this spring with a degree in Secondary English Education and a minor in Theatre Arts. Originally from Ogallala, Nebraska, she served at Calvary as a Resident Discipleship Director in the dorms, and performed in several Calvary productions, while directing others. Along with these roles, Abigail states that she has always had a desire to be a teacher: “I love working with people to help them learn, especially when it is something I’m passionate about.” 

Abigail says that her time at Calvary supplied her with many tools to help her gain success, both practically and personally: “I am grateful for the education department and the high standard of excellence they hold. I’ve done practical preparation to obtain the skills needed to be a good teacher, and I feel well-equipped to enter the field of education. Now, I’m passionate and excited about representing Christ by doing excellent work for Him.”

Abigail recounts that when she first started at Calvary, she was riddled with anxiety, homesickness, and fear. Throughout those challenges, she shares, “I was so grateful for the community at Calvary; even though I was afraid, I didn’t have to be alone. One of my friends encouraged me to pray, not just when I was anxious or afraid, but regularly, and when I did, my life transformed.”

She also adds that the biblical foundation Calvary instilled throughout her education has been “absolutely invaluable” to her personally, and has helped prepare her for the future: “The emphasis on serving the Lord in everything we do is something I try to carry into the classroom each day. Through my relationships within the Christian community at Calvary, I’ve been encouraged and pushed to know Christ better and to be more like Him.” 

During her years at Calvary, Abigail served in various leadership positions, including the Nikao Leadership Institute and the Residence Life team. These programs helped her gain firsthand experience in leadership roles, building relationships, and gaining new perspectives: “I’ve learned from some incredible mentors who have been and who continue to be very influential in my life. This has made me a stronger leader.”

Today, Abigail is eager to get into a classroom of her own and start implementing everything she has learned from Calvary. Now that she has gained the knowledge and experience needed to enter her career field, she states: “I expect to put into practice the skills I’ve gained, and grow both personally and professionally. I want to serve, love, and teach people, and I look forward to taking hold of every opportunity God has for me.”