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Welcome to Calvary

Biblical Equipping for Excellence in Life and Service


In every class and every program, we are committed to excellence in preparing men and women to live and serve in the church and in the world according to the biblical worldview.

High Quality, Low Cost

Calvary has become a nationally recognized leader in decreasing the cost of high-quality education for our students, so that they can graduate without the burden of crippling student debt.

Excellent, Marketable Education

Calvary is committed to providing excellent, marketable education and credentials so our graduates are prepared and positioned for excellence in life and service.

A Place for Growth

Calvary is designed to provide not just a place for learning, but a place for growth, discipleship, real world experience, lifelong friendships and relationships—to both on-campus and online students.

Calvary University News

Why bother with the Old Testament?

Why bother with the Old Testament?

“Is the Old Testament for us today? Is everything in it for Christians living in the 21st Century? If we fail to study the Old Testament, what might we be missing? What might we be getting wrong?...

Should we stop reaching the unreached?

Should we stop reaching the unreached?

Should we stop reaching the unreached? For 50 years, most missionaries have been focused on reaching unreached people groups—prioritizing people who have the least access to the gospel. Today, this...

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