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The Clark Academic Center

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

WHO Can Use the CAC?

The CAC is for anyone to use—students, professors, even CAC tutors use the CAC!

WHAT is the CAC?

The CAC is a learning center—we specialize in writing and study help. We can also assist you in many of your STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and Bible classes.

WHEN is the CAC Open?

Check out our hours in the Chatter!

WHERE is the CAC?

We are in the back of the library.

WHY should I use the CAC?

It’s a great resource that will help you with your college experience by reviewing assignments, brainstorming and planning with you, helping you set up or navigate Canvas, offering academic accountability, or just providing a great study atmosphere.

HOW do I access the CAC?

Just walk in! If you want, you can also email us questions, problems, and papers ([email protected]) or call us through phone or Teams. If you would like an appointment, refer to the appointment guidelines which are posted on the home page.



Learning Management System


College Management System

Faculty Handbook

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Staff Handbook

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