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Institutional Effectiveness

and Student Outcomes

Mission and Institutional Objectives


Calvary University is an independent, nondenominational institution, providing undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate education which prepares Christians to live and serve in the church and the world according to the biblical worldview. This is accomplished by providing appropriate educational curricula and a climate that fosters the development of intellectual and spiritual maturity, leadership potential, servanthood, and a sense of mission.

Institutional Objectives

It is Calvary’s objective to produce alumni and graduates who will live according to a biblical worldview and serve as Christians in the church and in the world.

1. Students will be able to construct sound conclusions based upon a proper analysis of qualitative and quantitative data.  

2. Students will be able to demonstrate sound research methods for inquiry and the dissemination of knowledge.  

3. Students will be able to apply a consistent literal grammatical-historical interpretation of the Bible in order to think from the Biblical Worldview.  

4. Students will utilize their gifts and abilities to serve with excellence in their local church and chosen profession.  

5. Students will be able to develop discipling relationships and contribute to the spiritual growth of others by employing principles of servant-leadership.

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    Institutional Resources for Assessment

    Graduating Student ABHE Bible Knowledge Exam Results
    ETS Test Results
    Stakeholder Surveys

    Student Completions and Retention Information

    Graduate Employment Data
    State by State Licensure Information

    Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO) and Department Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) Assessments

    For additional student outcome information and required consumer disclosure information, please visit the Consumer Information page.

    Committee Minutes may be found at Calvary University’s SharePoint under “Faculty/Staff” and “Committee Minutes”.