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Institutional Effectiveness

and Student Outcomes

Mission and Institutional Objectives


Calvary University is an independent, nondenominational institution, providing undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate education which prepares Christians to live and serve in the church and the world according to the biblical worldview. This is accomplished by providing appropriate educational curricula and a climate that fosters the development of intellectual and spiritual maturity, leadership potential, servanthood and a sense of mission.

Institutional Objectives

Board of Trustees Ends Statements

It is Calvary’s objective to produce alumni and graduates who will live according to a biblical worldview and serve as Christians in the church and in the world, including, but not limited to:

    1. Possessing a foundational understanding of the Holy Scripture and Calvary’s doctrinal statement.
    2. Possessing an understanding of, and prepared to Biblically confront, emerging philosophies.
    3. Understanding the world in which they live and be able to effectively relate to others in it.
    4. Possessing abilities and skills of communication so as to be able to clearly share the truth of God.
    5. Continuing to cultivate personal and professional growth throughout life.
    6. Possessing the ability to think critically and analytically.
    7. Possessing an educational foundation for graduate/seminary study.
    8. Recognizing the importance of the local church in the program of God and being involved in one.
    9. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a personal relationship with the living God, evidence by seeking and obeying the will of God in making life choices in the areas of worship, lifestyle, relationships, vocation, and service (ministry).
    10. Seminary alumni and graduates who:
        • a. Comprehend the dispensational approach in the interpretation of the Scripture.
        • b. Possess a sound biblical and theological foundation for ministry and study.
    11. Graduate School alumni and graduates who:
        • a. Possess a sound Biblical and theological foundation for service and study.
        • b. Comprehend the Biblical worldview as the foundation of their discipline.
        • c. Possess a passion to integrate their discipline into global ministry efforts.

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Committee Minutes may be found at Calvary University’s SharePoint under “Faculty/Staff” and “Committee Minutes”.