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Dr. Karen Hange is a passionate academic instructor determined to improve online and in-class learning experiences for students at Calvary University. 

As Program Director of Elementary Education, she recently earned her Doctorate of Education in Teaching and Learning with an Emphasis in Adult Learning from Grand Canyon University in the summer of 2023.

After marrying Professor Tim Hange in 1988, Karen graduated from Calvary University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She then taught at Blue Ridge Christian School for one year before she was hired as Summit Christian Academy’s Preschool Director for ten years.

One night, Tim and Karen attended a Family Life conference that put on their hearts a desire to adopt children from Russia. After prayer and thoughtful consideration, they adopted two children which then led to multiple ministry trips to Russian orphanages. After several years, God opened the door for them to serve as full-time missionary-educators in Moscow, Russia’s Hinkson Christian Academy for eight years. A year after their return to the states in 2017, Karen was asked to be Calvary University’s Dean of Women.

In 2018, Karen transitioned into her life-long dream of being a professor at Calvary as the Program Director of Elementary Education.

Karen started working on her doctoral degree in 2017 because she knew it would be beneficial for her role at Calvary. The topic she chose for her dissertation was blended learning. Through her research, she discovered how to facilitate effective learning experiences for the current generation:

“I focused my research on how professors can build connectedness within learning platforms, especially for students within the online community. Ultimately, I discovered ways to help online students have meaningful learning experiences as their in-class peers.”

Since earning her EDD, Karen stated that her greatest joy in being a professor has been watching her students grow in their teaching journeys:

“I enjoy seeing my students develop skills as teachers and then living out their faith—both through Christian ministries and through their spiritual and academic experiences here at Calvary.”

Today, Karen continues her research in blended learning and shares her expertise with students who share her passion to provide outstanding, biblically-based education for generations to come.