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English Department

Biblical Equipping for Excellence in Life and Service








The mission of the English Department is to produce graduates who can speak and write for various audiences and purposes with clarity, creativity, and sound research according to the Biblical worldview.


Minors Offered:

  • English: Literature
  • English: Creative Writing

Professional Directed Studies (PDS) Programs Offered:

  • PDS: Communications
  • PDS: Modern Languages – French
  • PDS: Modern Languages – German
  • PDS: Modern Languages – Spanish
  • ENGLISH LITERATURE, Minor; Total Hours – 21 hours; See Interdisciplinary Studies for list of courses.
  • ENGLISH CREATIVE WRITING, Minor; Total Hours – 21 hours; See Interdisciplinary Studies for list of courses.

See Professional Directed Studies (PDS) and Interdisciplinary Studies sections for course lists.

Mr. Thomas Crank

Mr. Thomas Crank


Department Chair of English, Assistant Professor of English

Mr. Timothy Hange

Mr. Timothy Hange


TESOL Coordinator, Assistant Professor of English

Mrs. Valerie Piercey

Mrs. Valerie Piercey


Director of Institutional Effectiveness; Assistant Professor of Education

English Department Objectives 

The English Department will produce graduates who are able to:
  • Critically read and analyze a wide variety of literature in their historical and cultural contexts.
  • Engage in an effective writing process and tailor writing/speaking for various audiences and purposes.
  • Evaluate diverse literary perspectives according to the Biblical worldview.
  • Develop and execute original research projects following appropriate and ethical practices. 


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