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Calvary Wins NCCAA Regional Tournament

Calvary Wins NCCAA Regional Tournament

Warriors advance to first national tournament

Braydon Unruh and Tobias Welling powered the Warriors with 26 and 16 points respectively as the team overcame a #6 seed and an even tougher opponent to defeat #1 seeded Trinity Bible College 80-72. With the win, the Warriors advance to their first NCCAA DII National Championship.” Our go to players played like they were players of the year tonight,” Warrior Head Coach Matt Sanders said. “We’ve been working since October for games like these and we had guys who really stepped up for us to get the win.”

Trinity Bible College beat the Warriors by thirty in December.  They averaged over ninety points per game throughout the season so coming in Calvary knew they needed a fantastic game plan.   They used a lot of shot clock on every possession to slow the game down, but offensively they executed the possessions they had with precision.  Key minutes from Ike Maxwell and Peter Brandel put them over the top as the big three of Braydon Unruh, Ques Harris, and Tobias Welling continued their outstanding production on the season.

Defensively, the goal was to slow the game down and to keep the score in the 70’s.  The team did a great job with this using their full court zone press back into multiple zones. The different zone looks and tough man to man kept Trinity off balance.  Ques Harris was big on the glass with nine boards on the night.

“God has been so faithful,” Sanders said.  “We talked today about what faith is from Hebrews 11:1, and how the evidence of faith is only seen in the hope of Jesus.  All Glory truly goes to Him.  We look forward to hanging this banner in The Pyramid and celebrating what actually took place here tonight.  We continue to set new standards for Calvary Athletics and look forward with great anticipation to the National Tournament.

This is a tremendous accomplishment that is best told through the players themselves.  The rest of this article will be thoughts from the 2020-21 North Region Champions.

Ike Maxwell

“It just finally clicked.  We’ve been so close to each other and we secretly knew we were capable of this. The scary part is that we still haven’t seen our best.  Maybe there was a run or two tonight where it was close, but the best is yet to come. The greatest part about this is that these snippets of net and banner aren’t eternal, and every single person on this team understands that. We know that it is in the conversations and the way we go about things that glorify God.  That banner isn’t anything but a filthy rag compared to the riches we will cast at the feet of Jesus.  It’s not about whose name is in the stat book, It’s about whose name is written in the Lamb’s book.”

D’Marques Harris

“Today was a byproduct of a group of collective individuals coming together and moving as one cohesive unit. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes!”

Braydon Unruh

“I am so proud of our team and all the work we have put in.  I am also extremely grateful and humbled by God’s faithfulness.  All glory goes to HIM!”

Zak Kirkman

“I would not want to play with any other group of brothers.  Every single person on this team works with an attitude to please the Lord in everything they do.  May God be glorified each time we step onto the court!”

Peter Brandel

“We play this game to worship Jesus as brothers in Christ.  Today’s game was a reflection of all the hard work and sacrifice that was put in by each person on this team.  We compete to win every game, but more importantly we compete to glorify God.  Today we were able to do both. All for HIM!”

Coleson Voran

“There has been so much uncertainty this season with COVID that every game was a blessing.  Seeing everyone go out and battle today, and now having the opportunity to compete at Nationals is overwhelming.  It’s obvious God has been working.”

Tobias Welling

“Tonight, we made the decision that losing just wasn’t an option.  We did this by believing in one another, loving one another, and never giving up on each other.  This was only possible by remembering what Christ did for us.  He never gives up on us, and He loves us so much that He died on the cross for our sins.  As we play, we strive to remember this truth and show it to others with our words and our actions.”

Seth Hower 

“Being able to just be a part of this team and cheering on the guys from the sideline as we battled was an absolute blessing. When the clock finally hit 0 it was an unbelievable feeling!”

Jamaal Smith

“I’ve never been a part of a team that has had this big of a positive impact on me.  I am thankful and blessed to be here.  We are truly a family.  All praise to God!”

Joseph Morrow

“I’ve never played on a team with people that love each other like we do.  We didn’t make this happen with one or two people.  We all believed in each other from day one, even when things weren’t going our way.  All Glory to God!”

Robby Bollinger

“What I witnessed today was unbelievably amazing.  Seeing a group of guys come together and believe in each other while executing like we did was AWESOME!”

Jesse House 

The Lord brought every person together to fulfill each of their roles and to shine for Him.  All of it points back to Him.  It was a blessing to do my part in taking stats and cheering on the team to lift them to a championship!”

BREAKING: Calvary wins NCCAA Men’s Basketball Regional

BREAKING: Calvary wins NCCAA Men’s Basketball Regional

Warriors returning to campus around 11 p.m. Saturday night 

Calvary University’s Men’s Basketball team won the North Region championship today, defeating the highest seed in the tournament. The team will be arriving back at the CU campus around 11 p.m. tonight (Saturday 2/27) for those who wish to greet the team. This is reportedly the first regional championship since Jeanette Regier came as a coach to Calvary in 1996.

On Thursday, the Warriors—ranked 6th in the region—defeated #3 Oak Hills Christian College 91-89 in overtime. This set up a contest with #7 Emmaus Bible College on Friday. The Warriors squeaked past Emmaus 75-74. Today’s championship game was gainst #1 ranked Trinity Bible College. Calvary earned the title of North Region Champs with a decisive 80-72 victory. 

More details as they become available. 

Calvary once again designated “Military Friendly”

Calvary once again designated “Military Friendly”

Calvary University is designated a Military Friendly School for 2021-2022. “This is a phenomenal achievement and is a testament to the programs that your institution has created for the military community,” says Scott Shaw, VP of Business Development and Co-Founder of Viqtory, which develops the annual listing. CU is committed to supporting those in the military community by offering high quality education with some of the most affordable rates around. CU is approved by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs for the training of veterans, and is approved by the U.S. Department of Education for participation in all Title IV Student Assistance Programs
Bonine has served Calvary for more than 40 years

Bonine has served Calvary for more than 40 years

“My favorite thing about Calvary is the care and concern shown to each student.”

Dr. Tom Bonine has been at Calvary longer than any other faculty member. He has been an adjunct professor for Calvary University since 1980. 

“I came to Calvary after teaching in Christian schools for ten years to work in the Education Department,” he said. “The Education Department was starting some secondary education programs and I had been teaching secondary education math and Bible courses, and I saw the need for more Christian School Teachers with a [minor] in Bible” (which Calvary requires of all education majors).

Bonine loves Calvary’s mission and getting to participate in it. “I have stayed for so long because I love helping Calvary grads prepare to live according to a biblical world view and to serve others in the world and in the church,” he said. 

“My favorite thing about Calvary is the care and concern shown to each student, and the emphasis on developing a biblical worldview and a Christ-centered approach to life and work and relationships.”

Bonine has also been at Calvary long enough to see how God has used each president to accomplish unique advancements.

“Each of the presidents that God has brought to Calvary through the years has made a valuable contribution to the ongoing growth and development of Calvary’s ministry,” he said. “Dr. Cone brought us into online blended education. Dr. Clark led us into a robust graduate school that includes biblical counseling and biblically based business administration. Dr Urey hired Dr. Clark to develop a counseling major at Calvary. Dr. Bathke brought us the Excel Program that became the basis for offering intensive classes. Dr. Madison kept us grounded theologically when many schools were ‘being tossed about by every wind of doctrine.’” 

Bonine’s favorite story is from when he first came to work at Calvary. “We were moving from 39th street to the present campus and I was helping move the library—loading shelves of books into big trucks and unloading them into the new library—and several students thought I was a new student because I looked so young. They were somewhat ‘shocked’ when they came to class and I was their professor.

“My one piece of advice to students would be the advice given to me by Pastor Smith—the man who led me to Christ. ‘Read one chapter of proverbs every day to obtain daily wisdom from God.’ My second piece of advice would be to read through the Bible every year to stay current with your biblical world view. My third piece of advice would be to embrace the biblical axiom for JOY. Jesus first, others second, yourself last. I would also like to share my life verses (Proverbs 3:5-6) Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not unto your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.

Calvary student wins U.S. Naval Institute writing contest

Calvary student wins U.S. Naval Institute writing contest

Student Mike Burke, author of “Crowdfunded”, pictured rehearsing the role of El Gallo for Calvary’s upcoming production of The Fantasticks.

Burke inspired by Calvary’s English and Theatre Departments

by Amanda Harman

The year is 2038. An intense battle is raging between the technologically advanced Marines and the genetically-enhanced enemy. The tide of the battle turns against the Marines, and with no sign of help, they desperately use a less conventional source for rescue.

Calvary University English Literature and Creative Writing Major Mike Burke’s contest-winning short story “Crowdfunded” follows this platoon of Marines as they navigate through an abandoned city, avoiding ambushes, using every trick up their sleeves to hold off the enemy, and generally just trying to stay alive. Burke, a retired Marine himself, cowrote the story with his friend Nicholas Nethery, who is still on active duty in Europe with the Army. Their piece “Crowdfunded” won first prize in the U.S. Naval Institute-CIMSEC Fiction Essay Contest.

“There are so many talented people out there with great stories to tell; it never occurred to me we would do so well,” Burke says. “The notion that we wrote the kind of story they want to read feels great.” The coauthors are already talking about their next story on explosives disposal techs and smart munitions.

On the inspiration behind the winning entry, Burke says, “Our story addresses a number of issues the future military might face, including moral and ethical issues.” He adds, “All the tech in the story actually exists or is in development.” Another source of inspiration was English classes at Calvary, where Burke learned how to outline a plot in Creative Writing and how to write purposeful dialogue in Playwriting.

Besides writing, Burke enjoys being part of the Theatre Department at Calvary, and he will be starring in the upcoming production of The Fantasticks. Burke says that English and Theatre have so much overlap that “When I write I feel like a gunfighter with a pistol in each hand.”

Burke’s advice to fellow writers comes from experience: “Good writing has been drafted and rewritten a bunch of times so it’s okay if yours is too. It’s also fine to write a draft of something and set it aside for six months and look at it with fresh eyes. Just don’t do that with your homework.”

You may read “Crowdfunded” by following this link to the U.S. Naval Institute website.


Box Office Opens for Calvary Theatre’s The Fantasticks!

Box Office Opens for Calvary Theatre’s The Fantasticks!

Adam Weeks, Ashley Huseby, Rebekkah Harms, and Leah McNabb rehearse for the upcoming show.

Box Office Opens for Calvary Theatre’s The Fantasticks!

Calvary Theatre Arts is proud to present the longest running musical in the world, The Fantasticks. A beautiful coming of age story, The Fantasticks tells the story of the young lovers, Matt and Luisa, as they fall in love, realize that happily-ever-after isn’t always so happy, and grow stronger together for it. With romance, comedy, and sword fighting, this show has it all, even . . . vegetables?

The Fantasticks will run for two weekends with performances March 12 – 21, 2021.

We are also excited to announce that we will be hosting our performances in a different space this year in order to best follow Covid-19 guidelines and continue to bring this story to life while also keeping our guests safe. In-person performances will be held at Calvary University’s Student Life Center, and streaming options will be available for those who wish to experience the magic of theatre from the comfort of their homes.

For more information and to order your tickets please visit our box office page.