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International Students


Welcome to Calvary University!


If you are looking for a quality, affordable education at a Christian university that takes the Bible seriously, we welcome you to consider Calvary University.

We welcome international students and are deeply committed to supporting you. We value the beauty of community that we experience when believers from around the world live and study together united in faith in Christ.   

Calvary University prepares students to serve in the Church and the world according to a Biblical worldview.    

Frequently Asked


Your Home for Support

International Student Services is your home for support while you study at CU.   We understand that living abroad can be very challenging, especially at first. We are committed to you.  How?

We are here to help you practically:

Do you need help finding mobile phone service, or getting a driver’s license, or opening up a bank account, or buying health insurance?  If you are new to the U.S. these can be intimidating things to do. We are happy to help in any way we can, just contact us!

We are here to help you connect:

International club:  We meet at least once a month to share a meal and get to know each other better.  We often have a “Culture of the month” presentation, where we learn from one of our students about their home culture.   

Conversational English Groups:   Building your English skills in a fun way will really help you better connect with many other students, faculty, and staff.   

We are here to help you with legal questions:

Can I work on campus (click here)? Can I get an internship? What documents do I need to travel? Do I need to file taxes?  Questions like these are important, and International Student Services is here to help you.

We are here to help you serve:

We partner with refugee ministries, international clubs, and churches who have great outreach opportunities for international students. Serving together as the body of Christ is a great source of joy and community for us all.

Please contact us with any needs, questions, or concerns you have. We care deeply for our international students, and want to serve you well.

Alumni Association Award Recipient: Martha Olango

Alumni Association Award Recipient: Martha Olango

"Martha’s ministry has reached thousands of people with the gospel."  Martha Olango was this year's Alumni Association Award recipient due to her outstanding ministry impact in Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in East and Central Africa.   Martha’s ministry journey...

2020 Grad Joins Calvary’s International Student Services

2020 Grad Joins Calvary’s International Student Services

Talitha Jones is stepping into the role of Director of International Services. "I think that when you start to cross different cultural bridges you find a lot of beauty... our Creator shines through each culture in a new way."   Talitha Jones graduated this...

What degree programs does Calvary offer?

Our degrees are in these major categories:

  • Bible and Theology
  • Christian Ministry
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Business
  • Music
  • Biblical Counseling

Why should you consider Calvary?

  1. We believe in God’s Word. Our education is rooted in the Biblical worldview. The Bible is a required textbook for every classroom, from business to theology.
  2. We provide a quality education at an affordable price. Calvary’s tuition and living expenses are less than half of most major Christian universities.  Our programs are fully accredited, and we score VERY well on student satisfaction.
  3. We are a place to grow, not just a place to learn. Our commitment to Biblical truth is lived out in a community of grace and love as we strive together to become more like Christ.

How does Calvary support international students?

  1. We provide practical support: From getting your student visa, to opening up a bank account, or finding your way around a new campus, our International Student Services team is here to help!
  2. We provide academic support: If English is not your first language, things can be a little challenging, especially in your first semester. Our academic center works with international students to provide coaching in writing and research formatting. We also offer conversational English groups to help you communicate more confidently.
  3. We provide a caring international community: We have an international club that meets regularly. We celebrate a different culture every month, and have great conversations on different topics related to international student adjustment.
  4. We have a great setting. Calvary University is located on a quiet campus, away from the noise and traffic of the city. Still, we are only a ten minute drive from shopping and restaurants. If you live on campus, all of your classes and the dining hall are within a short walking distance.
  5. You won’t be lost in a crowd.  We have hundreds, not thousands of students, and most class sizes are under 20. Our staff and students will know you personally, and you won’t feel lost!

How do I get started?


  1. Look at our statement of faith to make sure that we are in agreement.
  2. Look at our programs online and choose what interests you.
  3. Contact our enrollment team at [email protected] and ask any questions you have.
  4. Apply to the program and pay the $375.00 application fee.
  5. Accepted! Yes!!
  6. Receive I-20 (For Visa Application)
  7. Schedule Consulate Visit
  8. Approved for visa? Yes!!
  9. Pay semester fees online
  10. Schedule your flight
  11. Calvary Staff meet you at the airport and help you start your new adventure!

Note about on-campus employment:

Calvary does have a limited number of on-campus jobs available for international students.

Students must bring proper I-9 identification. 

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