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“As soon as I could pick up a paint brush, I started painting. I’ve been creative at heart ever since.” 

Marissa Hitt is a young artist who has been grabbing the attention of Kansas City with her artwork since she was in kindergarten. She is the founder of her small business, Melane & Co., through which she is pursuing her passion of creating and selling watercolor wall prints, cards, and custom portraits.

As a young child, Marissa spent much of her time in nature, going to libraries, and pursuing creative outlets like making art pieces or looking through illustrated nature books. 

At just five years old, she started showing her artwork at galleries in the Kansas City area. The creative impact of her formative years combined with the early success of her artwork inspired her to establish Melane & Co. in 2021. 

“Every experience I have been through has helped shape what God is doing through me today. He even opened doors for me to work with non-profit organizations.” 

 Through Paintings by Marissa (her first business), Marissa donated artwork to charities such as Love Without Boundaries, Kansas Children’s Service League, and Sunflower House. Today, Marissa is still passionate about giving to others. Through Melane & Co., she has donated her work to honorable organizations, one of them being On Eagle’s Wings Farm, a non-profit organization committed to supporting and ministering to children in difficult circumstances. 

“I create paintings that bring others delight and donate my work to causes I care about. As I reflect on this, I think to myself: ‘This where God has me, using my artistic abilities and entrepreneurial endeavors He gave me to serve Him.’”

Marissa is majoring in Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Calvary University. Through her education, she is excited to pursue Melane & Co.’s definition of success, which is to grow in God, see how He works through business, and foster meaningful relationships with her community. 

“I want to find ways to honor God through the artistic and entrepreneurial gifts He has given me. As a Christian entrepreneur, it’s important to approach Melane & Co. with a love for the Lord and others. I chose Calvary University because of its sincere recognition of the true knowledge God provides.” 

Although Melane & Co. was created only a couple of years ago, it has met with great success. In addition to launching an official online shop, Marissa has been able to make connections with owners of local coffee shops. For months, her art has hung at Prayer Box Cafe in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. This year, Homer’s Coffee House in Overland Park Kansas plans to display her artwork for the month of January, and she plans to donate some of her work to Calvary University’s annual Feast and Fund event. 

Marissa is a firm believer that Christian entrepreneurs can use their biblical perspectives to faithfully serve others, because their work is always connected to their relationship with God.

Future plans for Melane & Co. include finding more opportunities to display her artwork and one day adding products to her shop from which a portion of the proceeds can be given to charitable causes. Marissa is a firm believer that business is so much more than a means to gain a steady income. She sees Melane & Co. as an opportunity to serve others.

“It’s a dream to spread joy through my artwork, just one brushstroke at a time.”