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Acknowledgement and Commitment

Acknowledgement and Commitment

Note: The following document is written in the first person because it represents what all those living or working on Calvary’s campus will be asked to “acknowledge” and “commit” to this year. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Development Department. 


All members of Calvary University have an important role to play in keeping our fellow students and Calvary University community safe by doing our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As a member of the Calvary community, I know that I must take steps to stay well in order to help protect others and promote a safe return to campus for all members of the Calvary community. Because of this, I agree to take responsibility for my own health and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Calvary University trusts God’s sovereignty and goodness during this pandemic, but also acknowledges that we must also take personal responsibility for our actions. One of Calvary University’s highest priorities is the safety of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. I know that by engaging in campus activities, including attending classes, pursuing my education, living on campus, eating in the dining halls, attending activities, and participating in sports and recreation, I may be exposed to COVID-19 and other infections. I also understand that despite all reasonable efforts by the university, I can still contract COVID-19 and other infections. In order to reduce my risk, I agree to be an active participant in maintaining my own health, wellbeing and safety, as well as the safety of others, by making every effort follow the guidelines and expectations outlined by the university.

As more information is gathered and known, I understand that Calvary University may modify these guidelines and expectations. It is my responsibility to make every effort to keep myself apprised of these changes to help protect myself and the university community.

It is my Pledge to protect myself, my peers, and the Calvary Community by doing the following:

  • Agree to testing for COVID-19 and potential subsequent self-quarantining if I am identified as a contact of anyone who has been determined to be positive for COVID-19.
  • If I test positive for COVID-19, I agree to self-quarantine in a designated location until:
    • My symptoms have resolved, and
    • It has been at least fourteen days since the start of my symptoms, and
    • I have a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • Timely report any known or potential exposures to COVID-19 to the ResLife team and/or supervisor
  • Monitor for the following symptoms:
  • If I develop the above symptoms to contact either the health department or my health care provider, and to follow their instructions, which may include being tested for COVID- 19 and self-quarantining while the test results are pending, and/or being evaluated by a qualified health care provider.
  • Stay at home or in my room if I am feeling sick.
  • Participate fully and honestly with the Reslife team and university, the Student Dean’s Office, or Human Resources for contact tracing to determine whom I might have potentially exposed to COVID-19. · Wear a mask or the appropriate PPE where required by campus authorities and in accordance with the law.
  • Practice physical distancing as much as possible.
  • Frequently wash and/or sanitize my hands.
  • Keep my personal space, shared common space, and my belongings clean.
  • Respecting the precautions of others and the choices they make to ensure their own safety.

I understand COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus and it is possible to develop and contract the COVID-19 disease, even if I follow all of the safety precautions above and those recommended by the CDC, local health department, and others. I understand that although the university is following the coronavirus guidelines issued by the CDC and other experts to reduce the spread of infection, I can never be completely shielded from all risk of illness caused by COVID-19 or other infections. I agree to hold Calvary University harmless in the event of contracting COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, in exchange for the ability to participate in in-person classes, programs, and activities at Calvary University.

I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the commitment above. I also acknowledge that these expectations and agreement are a condition of my participation in in-person classes, programs, and activities at Calvary University, and that any failure to comply with the commitment above may lead to immediate removal from classes, programs, and activities and restriction from certain areas of campus or even campus as a whole. These expectations are for the entire Calvary Community and understand that continued employment and/or participation in Calvary programs, activities, and events constitutes my agreement to abide by these standards.

I take this commitment seriously and will do my part to protect the Calvary community. 

CU Welcomes New Dean of Women

CU Welcomes New Dean of Women

Jamie Franz, the new Dean of Women at CU, with her husband Greg, and daughters Jadyn, Jaycie, and Jemma.

This fall Calvary welcomes Jamie Franz to the Student Development team as the new Dean of Women. Franz was born and raised in Raymore, Missouri, and currently lives in Raytown with her husband and three daughters.

Franz earned her B.S. in English at Southwest Baptist University and her M.Ed. at Mid America Nazarene University. She said, “I taught English for the past 19 years. During this past school year, the Lord made it abundantly clear that we needed to make a change for our girls. I started walking through doors and the doors at Calvary kept opening up.” When someone suggested she consider the role of Dean of Women, Franz sought out counsel, and “it became quite obvious that this is what the Lord had been preparing me for all along.”

Franz is excited to be involved with the student body here at Calvary. She has worked in Christian schools for most of her career and said her favorite part of the job is building relationships. “It’s through solid relationships that you are able to challenge one another and even discipline when necessary. I love getting to see how God uses me to encourage students, but I also love how He uses students to encourage me.”

Officially starting her role in August, Franz will be joining Calvary in time for the fall semester. Her passion for mentoring aligns with Student Development’s growing focus on discipleship on campus. Franz said, “Mentoring is such a crucial part of the Christian walk… I’m excited to be a mentor to the girls at Calvary. I’m excited to help them find mentors and help them become mentors.”

Student Development Stays Connected Despite Social Distancing

Student Development Stays Connected Despite Social Distancing

RDDs Micah Wildason and Zak Kirkman.

Challenging circumstances create opportunities for growth

Social distancing has created an unusual environment on Calvary’s campus, but Student Development’s Resident Discipleship Directors (RDDs) and Resident Discipleship Leaders (RDLs) are finding creative ways to keep connected with the student body.

RDD Charissa Harwerth said, “Some of the RDLs are still having devos over zoom or other video chatting software. These have been really impactful for the students who are at home to still connect with each other and with their RDL.”

Other RDLs are staying in touch and encouraging students through texting, phone calls, or getting coffee, praying, and going on walks. Harwerth said, “I try to keep up with the girls that I was working with, and I keep up with intentional conversations and asking probing questions.”

The need for creativity is shaping the student body remaining on campus. Harwerth said, “For the few of us here I think that it will push some people closer to each other and into deeper relationships and others to finding new ways to cope with anxiety. For the most part, I think that once this is over the student body will bounce back well for next year… Because we are all living through this together, we all have a sense of understanding for others and how difficult this is.”

Maintaining relationships within the social distancing guidelines takes a lot of intentionality, but also provides rich rewards. RDL Brooke Glaszczak said, “I try to look for people who are in need of something (whether that be a reminder of truth or some encouragement), and I try to help meet that need however I can. Students have walked through some difficult things, yet they have also seen firsthand God’s faithfulness and providence at work. God has calmed anxious hearts. He has provided spiritual refreshment.”

RDL Jenny Her noticed that, “it has taught a lot of students to lean on one another to get through this. I have been so encouraged to see how much the students are still pouring into one another despite the pandemic!”

RDL Logan Hiskey pointed out that, “A lot of the ways in which we do that have changed, but our goal of serving the student body for Christ hasn’t changed.” The changing circumstances themselves have created opportunities for growth. Jenny Her said, “[It] can honestly be pretty frustrating because I want to do so much! But at the root of it all, I think God is just teaching me to sit back a little and just trust in Him.”

As the semester ends and students prepare to return home, Glaszczak noted. “While many of us are still waiting and wondering how God is specifically going to use the messiness of the current circumstances, we are sure of God’s faithfulness to work all things for our good and His glory. We trust that He is still in control and reigning on the throne.”

Calvary Welcomes New Dean of Men

Calvary Welcomes New Dean of Men

Dean Josh is excited to pursue growth on Calvary’s Campus

Calvary welcomes the new Dean of Men, Joshua Johnson. Josh grew up in Kearney, MO, and worked as a youth pastor, teacher, and soccer coach, before moving to Israel with his family. In Jerusalem, he served as Dean of Students at Anglican Inter­national School Jerusalem (AISJ).

AISJ drew students from a wide range of religious backgrounds. Johnson noted that for many of them, lying was a habitual practice. One student in particular, he said, would lie about anything. But, by the end of Johnson’s time at AISJ, “He would walk into my office and just say, ‘Mr. Johnson, what do you need to know? Who did this, or who broke the bathroom door, or whatever. And I’ll tell you the truth.’” Johnson explained how exciting this was for him. “He changed. He grew.”

This same idea of growth propels Johnson in his work as Dean of Men. He said, “My goal has always been to see students grow.” Johnson pointed out that multiplication is inherent in the discipleship model. Student Development embraces a vision that students discipled here leave Calvary with the desire to invest in others.

Looking toward his first semester here, Johnson said, “I want students to come in and feel loved; feel that they have a shot.” Calvary is passionate about discipleship and growth, and we are thrilled to have Dean Josh on our team. 

Calvary Welcomes Students for New School Year

Calvary Welcomes Students for New School Year

Weekly Portraits of Calvary Life

A large portion of this year’s Registration Day was rainy and dreary here in Kansas City.  However, we did not let that dampen our excitement over welcoming new students to Calvary!

New students checking in with Student Services

A sizable group of men and women went through the check-in process on Thursday, and some of them also moved into the dorm.  Thankfully the afternoon brought clearer skies for transporting student belongings.

Arvest Bank representatives greeted new students.

We are anticipating a terrific school year, and we are certainly thankful for each student whom the Lord has brought to Calvary.

New students learned about their Christian Ministry responsibilities.

Please join us in praying especially for these new students and their families as they adjust to a new normal.

Sara Klaassen

Alumni Relations Coordinator


Upcoming Soccer Games

August 24, 3:30 p.m. at Lincoln, NE vs. Union

August 27, 4:00 p.m. at Home vs. Nebraska Christian

Upcoming Calvary Events

Cycle 2 begins                         August 27

Connect Fest                           August 31

Christian Ministry Fair             September 6

Upcoming Volleyball Games

August 28, 6:00 p.m. at Springfield, MO vs. Baptist Bible

Learning and Living at Calvary During the Summer

Learning and Living at Calvary During the Summer

Weekly Portraits of Calvary Life

Summer Learning

Did you know that students can take Calvary classes year-round?  Because our academic year is structured into eight-week cycles, learning never has to stop – even in summer!  The fall semester technically starts in July and concludes when Cycle 3 finishes in December.  The spring semester starts with a one-week J-Term and includes Cycles 4-6.  We are currently in Cycle 1, and there are several classes meeting during the day and evening hours.

Dr. Dodds is teaching Evangelism/Spiritual Life.

Mr. Williamson is teaching Introduction to Philosophy.

Summer Living

This summer is the first time that Calvary has kept the dorms open in June and July.  While the number of students living there is much smaller than during Cycles 2-5, we do have students taking advantage of that opportunity.  Of course, many choose to go home for a few months, but they are still able to take summer classes using our blended online model.

Dr. Washington is teaching Strategic Management.

Sara Klaassen

Alumni Relations Coordinator


Upcoming Calvary Events

Registration Day         August 23