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An academic record or transcript is kept for each student in the Registrar’s Office. All grades earned by the student at Calvary are posted on the student’s academic transcript. The academic transcript also shows the credits transferred from other colleges that apply toward meeting the student’s degree requirements. Credits from other colleges that do not meet Calvary’s degree requirements are not posted.

At the end of each semester, the courses for which the student officially enrolled at Calvary, the grades earned, and the grade point average are recorded. Only courses dropped during the first two weeks of a semester are omitted (unless the student withdrew from school during the first two weeks, in which case the courses are assigned a grade of “W”). Cumulative hours attempted and earned at Calvary as well as the cumulative Calvary grade point average are listed following each semester’s listing of courses and grades.

All financial obligations must be current before a transcript will be released.

Official transcripts are processed in the order of request.

Cost: $5

How to order:

Complete, sign and return this form:

Download (PDF, 160KB)

PLEASE NOTE:  Federal law states that we must have a student’s actual signature to release their transcript.  We are unable to process transcript requests that do not include a signature.  An online payment alone does not serve as a transcript request. 

US Mail:

Registrar’s Office
Calvary University
15800 Calvary Road
Kansas City, MO 64147-1341

Online: Print, complete the PDF form (including your signature), scan the document, and save as a file in your computer.  You must attach and submit your scanned document in the form located below, along with required transcript fee.

Fax: Sign completed form and fax to (816) 331-4474.

A fee of $5.00 is charged each time an academic transcript is requested for either an official or an unofficial transcript. Payment must accompany the request through check or credit card. Official transcripts bearing Calvary’s seal are sent directly to the institution or organization designated by the student. Only unofficial transcripts are issued to students. Transcripts are issued in their entirety and no partial transcript will be issued. Transcripts, official or unofficial, will not be released if the student’s financial account is not current.

Current students have access to prior grade reports through the online registration system. The system is password protected and available to all students who are not on either Business or Academic hold. These reports do not fulfill the requirement of an official transcript. The Registrar’s Office can supply students with a verification of enrollment letter which will provide needed information for family insurance companies (health and auto).