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Student Development







The Student Deans are primarily responsible for the non-academic care of our students.  This includes counseling and discipleship, overseeing residence life and the Residence Life Team, and caring for the overall wellbeing of our students.  Contact us at [email protected].
The Academic Center is designed for all students and is ready to assist in any academic area.  Additionally, we assist students in need of dietary, academic, or personal accommodations as a part of Calvary’s ADA initiative.  Click here for more information on the Academic Center, or click here for more information on Accommodations Support.
CU Student Engagement is in place to serve, connect, and involve students in CU  life through events held on campus as well as online relational support. It is our desire that students are immersed in their community, investing in the lives of others and building Christ-centered friendships for the overarching purpose of aiding the spiritual growth of student life.  Click here to learn more!
International Student Support – The ISS department assists third-culture students with the admissions process and also provides personal support and assistance throughout their time at Calvary.  Click here to learn more!
The NLI is the premier leadership training program at Calvary.  Students spend 20 hours a week in their track learning, developing, and practicing their leadership abilities.  Check us out here!
Student Care and Counseling is a service of the Student Dean’s office.  Our goal is to come alongside our and provide biblical mentorship and counseling through life’s challenges, regardless of how big or small the challenges are.  For more information, click here.
The Calvary Security Department works around the clock to ensure the safety of the Calvary community.  Visit our page here.
The Student Handbook contains the non-academic policies and procedures of Calvary University.  As a student, you are held accountable to the information it contains.  Please contact the Student Dean’s Office if you have any questions!  Here is the current Student Handbook.  Have questions about academic policies?  You can access the University Catalog here.
Looking for a way to serve your brothers and sisters in Christ as you grow in your relationship with Him? Apply to be a Resident Discipleship Leader (RDL) or Director (RDD) on the 2024 – 2025 Residence Life Team today! Unsure of your direction for next school year, but interested in the ResLife Team and/or looking for application/interview experience? We would love to walk through this process with you! 
Application Deadline is Friday, February 12th! Interviews will be scheduled when your completed application is submitted to Alissa Payne, Madison Hall Office 209.

The Student Development Department at Calvary University will create an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritual, academic, and personal growth.

Building Community

Cultivate a healthy Christian Community that is built on unity in Christ and service to each other

Biblical Training

Training Students to live biblically and with excellence in their spiritual, academic, and personal lives.

Cultivating Relationships

Develop discipleship relationships with students that model the Christian life, demonstrate personal excellence, and enable them to do likewise.

Providing Opportunity

Provide Students with opportunities to apply what they have learned in order to prepare them to effectively “live and serve in the church and the world”.

Announcing the 2023-2024 ResLife Team!


The Dean’s Department at Calvary is excited to announce the ResLife team for 2023-24!  Thank you to all who applied, as always we had a great group of students who applied!  We are looking forward to seeing what God does at Calvary through these leaders!


  • Michaela Hendry (RDL)
  • Emily Parker (RDL)
  • Basia Nesbett-Tucker (RDL)
  • Emma Cathcart (RDD)
  • Julie VanderWoude (RDL)


  • Zakkary Gatoloai (RDL)
  • Demetrius White-Thomas (RDD)
  • Jordan Gordon (RDL)
  • Josiah Hackman (RDL)

RDL/RDD Application Form

Application Deadline is Friday, February 12th! Interviews will be scheduled when your completed application is submitted to Alissa Payne, Madison Hall Office 209.