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Calvary Earns #2 Spot for Online Christian Colleges

Calvary Earns #2 Spot for Online Christian Colleges

Calvary University continues to be recognized for excellence in Christian education. awarded Calvary University with an award this week, ranking CU #2 in their “Best Online Christian College” category.

According to the site, “The schools on this list are ranked according to three criteria:

Christian Character
How well does this school demonstrate its overall Christian character? Some important signs of a good Christian college or university include full accreditation with the relevant theological accreditation agencies (regional and national), an active and productive campus ministry presence, confessional status (i.e., teachers are required to sign a Christian doctrinal statement), and a good record of religious liberty for Christians and traditional Christian values.

Program Quality
For the online component, we consider whether the school has “anytime access” lecture archives, readily available technical support, affordability, variety of degree options, and the number of 100% online degree programs.

Academic Prestige
Academic prestige includes name recognition, high admission standards, accreditation status, low student-to-teacher ratio (less than 20-to-1), the graduation rate, future admission rates into advanced programs, and hiring rate of recent graduates.

Overall, the effort is to identify the most helpful indicators that a school is sincerely Christian in their culture, academic in their studies, and offers legitimate online options.”

Congratulations to all faculty and staff for your hard work and dedication.

Calvary University Among Most Affordable Colleges West of Mississippi

Calvary University Among Most Affordable Colleges West of Mississippi

Small, Yet Affordable

“While large universities and state schools have so many amenities and unique programs to offer, they can sometimes be overwhelming,” according to the editors of Great Value Colleges, “and getting lost in a sea of people or meandering a physically large campus isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. In fact, many people crave a small school experience because it seems more manageable. An added bonus is the one-on-one support and family-like atmosphere you could experience. However, the stigma that comes along with those smaller colleges is a high price tag for those services. Don’t let that misconception stop you from finding the perfect college experience for you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of small, affordable colleges west of the Mississippi: so you can find the right match for your career goals at a price that won’t affect the rest of your life. Get a quality education in a small college atmosphere that won’t break the bank.”

Calvary University is ranked #52 in the nation — and climbing! “High Quality and Low Cost” is one of our four primary distinctives and this award demonstrates that we’re living up to this goal.

Calvary Ranked in the Top 15 Bachelor’s Ministry Online Programs in the Nation

Calvary Ranked in the Top 15 Bachelor’s Ministry Online Programs in the Nation

CU ranks in the top 15 online ministry degrees in the nation

Calvary University’s graduate Ministry & Pastoral Leadership programs have once again been recognized among the nation’s best.

“Like other BDC rankings,” according to BDC, “editors began by researching accredited ministry, religion, and bible degree online programs in the US. This process included schools with regional accreditation and accreditation by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. From our initial list, all schools were ranked according to five equally-weighted criteria: Cost, Reputation, Graduation Rate, Employment Rate, and Alumni Salary. Data was taken from College Scorecard, IPEDS, and Niche.

With these parameters, readers can trust that BDC has ranked programs that will have a real return on investment, providing opportunity to grow in leadership and faith while enhancing a career with meaning.”

Calvary University Reaches “A Remarkable Milestone” by Receiving Prestigious Enrollment Growth Award

Calvary University Reaches “A Remarkable Milestone” by Receiving Prestigious Enrollment Growth Award

Calling it a “remarkable milestone,” Dr. Christopher Cone, President of Calvary University, recently announced that CU has been awarded the 2017-2018 Jonathan N. Thigpen Enrollment Growth Award.

“As Calvary’s staff and faculty have been faithful to plant and water, God has been causing remarkable growth,” said Dr. Cone.

The award was granted by the Evangelical Training Association and the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) for having the largest student enrollment growth (55%) of any of ABHE’s twenty-seven largest schools.

“This Spring,” said Dr. Cone, “we are seeing our sixth consecutive semester with student enrollment growth, and we are deeply honored to receive the Thigpen Award,” which was awarded to CU because in the past year, it has moved into ABHE’s category of largest schools, and led that group in overall growth.

Along with the growth comes the need for more student scholarships. One of CU’s four distinctives is to provide high quality education at low cost. During 2018, the amount of scholarships CU granted to students outpaced donor support by roughly $450,000.

“To God be the glory, great things He has done!” said Dr. Cone, adding that even though CU has been in the black for the past two years, it will not be possible to sustain such a high level of support for students without strong donor support.

“Please join me,” said Dr. Cone, “in praying for our staff and faculty, who are laboring vigorously to serve these students well, and to make the most of the opportunity God has set before us.”

If you would like more information about how to support CU’s record growth, please visit “”.

Calvary Classic Annual Golf Tournament

Calvary Classic Annual Golf Tournament

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