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Calvary Hosts President’s Dinner at Loretto Campus

Calvary Hosts President’s Dinner at Loretto Campus

“Calvary is not its campus… first and foremost, it’s a place where God does redemptive work in individuals through Christ.”

Presidents Dinner attendees walked the halls of the historic Loretto campus last Thursday revisiting Calvary’s roots. For many alumni, it was a chance to relive the memories of their college experience at the campus where Calvary operated from 1967 to 1980. Nearly 150 persons attended the event and heard an address by interim president Jeff Campa, a performance by Calvary’s music group lux voces, and testimonies from alumni. Dave Allen, who assisted planning the event, said, “As a recent graduate from the Graduate school at Calvary, it was extremely gratifying to see the history on display” at the historic campus.

Gracia Burnham, who studied at the Loretto campus, shared a quote from Adoniram Judson, “There is no success without sacrifice. If you succeed without sacrifice it is because someone has sacrificed before you. If you sacrifice without success it is because someone will succeed after.” She encouraged the faculty, staff, and donors that the sacrifices they make have impact, even when they don’t see them. Alumnus Bud Jones added, “The foundation I received here is still preparing me… I have no better memories in my Christian life than the memories I have at Calvary.”

Chief Financial Officer Randy Grimm presented the annual Hand-in-Hand award, a recognition given to an organization that has blessed and served Calvary in the past year. Grimm presented this year’s award to Calvary’s Board of Trustees, “for their leadership, wisdom, and prayers in a year of great challenges.” Chairman of the Board, Tom Zobrist, said, “We do what we do because we love Calvary and we love Jesus… we want to glorify Him.”

Interim President Jeff Campa also addressed attendees, saying, “The alumni that call this place home can attest to [God’s] work in and through Calvary, and they are bearing witness to God’s faithfulness in their lives and ministry.” He added that, in the face of a difficult year, “We learned that Calvary is not its campus… first and foremost, it’s a place where God does redemptive work in individuals through Christ. For 88 years, God has used people just like you, organizations just like yours to sustain this work, and for that, we are ever grateful.”

Interim President Jeff Campa addresses attendees.

Touring the room where chapel was held.

Fred Hendricks shares how his time at Calvary impacted him.

Calvary students served the meal catered by Affordable Elegance.

Presidential Search Committee Interviewing Candidates

Presidential Search Committee Interviewing Candidates

Board encouraged by the quality of candidates

Calvary’s Presidential Search Committee has vetted several candidates and progressed to a phase of interviews. Vic Borden, member of Calvary’s Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Presidential Search Committee, outlined what they are looking for in a president: “The prospective candidate must agree with the CU doctrinal statement unreservedly.  Additionally, the Committee and Board will be considering the candidates’ spiritual life, integrity, education, experience, character, people skills, etc.”

Borden said the search committee is working from a narrowed group of applicants, and “there are interviews pending with three candidates, with more to follow.” He added, while the quantity of candidates is small, “there is profound quality in the group.”

Once the interviews are completed, the Committee will make recommendations to the Board, and the Board will make the decision of offering the position. Borden said, despite the long process of vetting candidates through their personal and professional references, the Committee is progressing quickly. He pointed out that, “in order to do as thorough a job as possible, time is needed.” Overall, he and Chairman of the Board Tom Zobrist agreed, “It’s going very well, especially in light of the high quality of candidates the Committee has received.”

President’s Dinner 2020

President’s Dinner 2020

You’re Invited to the 2020 President’s Dinner at The Loretto on Thursday, September 24.

Doors open at 6:00pm; Program begins at 6:30

Please join us on 24 September for this year’s President’s Dinner at Calvary’s historic campus in downtown Kansas City, the Loretto. Enjoy a COVID-safe evening with us: Enjoying a wonderful dinner catered by Affordable Elegance; hear the latest Calvary updates from our interim president, Jeff Campa; and take time to stroll the halls and rooms of Calvary’s historic facility (1967-1980). 

We encourage you to join us, undeterred by the spectre of COVID, as we will be taking diligent precautions to keep you safe. Secure your reservations quickly as seats are limited! 

TICKETS: $35 per person, or $250 for a table of eight

LOCATION:  The Loretto, 1111 W 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111

RESERVATION DEADLINE: Monday, September 14, 2020

Please understand that seats are limited; we cannot accept late reservations or day-of walk-ins.

Reserve Now

The Loretto 1111 W 39th St. Kansas City, MO 64111
Presidential Search Committee Interviewing Candidates

Lead With Compassion (A Statement from Interim President Jeff Campa)

By Jeff Campa  

Interim President
Calvary University

The mission of Calvary University is to “Prepare Christians to live and serve in the church and in the world according to the Biblical worldview.” Our faculty and staff are committed to teaching and demonstrating this in the classroom and beyond as God gives us opportunity.  

Our nation (and our church!) is grappling with the upheaval brought about by the tragic death of George Floyd and equally tragic violent protests born out of anger and frustration.  As we seek to regain our personal and national equilibrium, I encourage us to do so considering the Biblical worldview.   

The Biblical worldview condemns racism.  

The Biblical worldview condemns abuse of power.  

The Biblical worldview condemns injustice.  

The Biblical worldview condemns unlawfulness.   

Unfortunately, it is painfully obvious that in this fallen world racism, brutal abuse of power, and injustices of every kind are daily realities. If we care to learn, history will teach us another unfortunate lesson: those of us who have not personally experienced racism, abuse, and injustice come to believe they are not daily realities in the lives of others. How does the Biblical worldview teach us to navigate such disparity in experience and understanding?   

The Biblical worldview demonstrates love.  

The Biblical worldview demonstrates grace.  

The Biblical worldview demonstrates patience.  

The Biblical worldview demonstrates mercy.  

During personal and cultural turmoil related to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman Empire the Biblical author Jude teaches us to demonstrate compassion toward those who are uncertain (Jude 22). Whether we question that a problem actually exists or that change is a real possibility, we are uncertain. What is compassion’s role in this dynamic? Compassion listens so it can understand, not just respond. Compassion speaks so it can provide hope, not just prove a point. And when compassion does speak, it speaks the truth in love not pride.   

As we emerge out of social distancing restrictions and can resume “going to church” may we all be more excited about “being the church” by demonstrating love, grace, patience, and mercy. Let us lead through these uncertain times with compassion.  

Jeff Campa  
Interim President 
Calvary University 

Calvary Announces Interim President

Calvary Announces Interim President

Interim President Jeff Campa and his wife Amy Campa, Office Manager and Director of Campus Hospitality at Calvary University Innovation Center.

KANSAS CITY – May 18, 2020 – The Board of Trustees of Calvary University is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff Campa as our Interim President. Jeff has been with Calvary University since 2009 and is currently its Chief Operating Officer. Jeff is a Chaplain (Major) in the US Army Reserve. He just returned from a deployment to Iraq as the Chaplain for the 244th Combat Aviation Brigade. The Board is confident that he will bring strong leadership and a steady influence to his new role at CU. He and his wife, Amy, are in the process of relocating from Calvary’s Innovation Center in Colorado to the main campus in Kansas City. He will serve as our Interim President until we select a permanent President at which time he will resume his current role as C.O.O.

Campa served as Director of the President’s office for two years and has a comprehensive understanding of the role and its function. “Serving in that role allowed me to see the University as a whole,” Campa said. “It helped me to understand both the overlap and intricacies of each administrative and academic department and how they work together on behalf of the students.” As the Board of Trustees pursues selecting a permanent President, Campa will work “to ensure that CU continues to fulfill its mission and that the faculty and staff are prepared for a seamless transition to the next President with minimal disruption to operations.”

Calvary University is an accredited, Bible-centered university that has been preparing Christians to live and serve in the church and in the world according to the Biblical worldview since 1932. CU offers more than 60 accredited undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees, fully online or through our main campus in Kansas City, Missouri, and teaching sites located in Fort Morgan, Colorado, and Warrenton, Missouri.

Letter from Board Regarding the End of Dr. Cone’s Presidency

Letter from Board Regarding the End of Dr. Cone’s Presidency

Dear Calvary Family,

The Board of Trustees of Calvary University writes today to communicate our decision to end the presidency of Christopher Cone.  This was a very weighty decision and challenging for us.  Over the past few years, we have spent a significant amount of time in discussion and prayer before coming to this conclusion.  

We wish to thank Dr. Cone for his years of leadership and service.  We have learned much from him and we wish him every success and God’s blessing. 

Directing Calvary University is a mighty weight that we take very seriously.  We are committed to the historical, biblical, and theological roots of Calvary Bible College/Calvary University.  We are committed to training students for biblical service in the church and in the world.  Each of us loves this university and, with boldness, we will continue to lead.  God loves Calvary, and has guided our school through hard times before.  We can trust Him now. 

We are very aware of the important part you play in making Calvary a success, no matter your relationship.  Students are our life and training them to serve God is our goal.   Please be praying with us as we enter this new stage of growth. 

How we love each and every one of you, 

Calvary University Board of Trustees