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Through historic relationships with five missions organizations Calvary can help you earn credit towards your degree while training with expert missions practitioners. Read more about Synergy below or call us today to get started!

Synergy is a cooperative effort available through the Burnham Center for Global Engagement as part of multiple programs at Calvary University. The word synergy, as noted above, refers to cooperation between two or more organizations. That is exactly what this option entails.

Through Calvary’s relationships with several mission agencies, students have the option of progressing immediately to the mission field through taking specific coursework in conjunction with a chosen missions agency’s existing training program.

To date, 3.1 Billion people around the world have little to no access to the message of the gospel. The Burnham Center exists to release biblically prepared, cross-culturally trained Christians to engage people with the gospel right where they live and see that number move towards zero.

Synergy is one way that we are making that happen.


Twelve hours of coursework is available as an elective that will be done in conjunction with Calvary University and the chosen mission agency. Agencies that have agreed to partner with Calvary in this program include Biblical Ministries Worldwide, Crossworld and Ethnos 360. The details of the program vary with each mission agency, however, the coursework completed is the same.

In the spring semester of their Sophomore year, students who choose this option will decide on which missions organization they want to work with. They will then apply with that agency, enroll in their first Intercultural Methods course, and begin the process of being approved by that agency.

Through subsequent coursework, the student will be trained by that agency in addition to courses they are taking at Calvary, choose a field to serve in, begin the support raising process, and continue to progress towards graduation and field departure.  This option will allow students to FastTrack to the mission field so they can begin fulfilling their calling to reach the nations for Christ.

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  • Real life cross-cultural ministry training from current missions practitioners
  • Become a member of a missions organization working to spread the gospel to the world
  • Begin raising your financial support as early as your Junior year of college
  • Some agency partners include immediate field opportunities following graduation
  • Earn valuable cross-cultural experience that will better prepare you for employment in a global marketplace
  • Shorten the time it takes to launch to real ministry
  • and more…

Synergy Handbook

Calvary University’s Burnham Center for Global Engagement is a member of Alliance for the Unreached.