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Practical Christian Ministries

Welcome to Calvary University’s Practical Christian Ministries Program.

At Calvary, our mission is “…to prepare Christians to live and serve in the church and in the world according to the biblical worldview…” The Practical Christian Ministries program is a vital part of our educational program because it provides each student with practical experience in a local church and in ministry. Therefore, all undergraduate students and most graduate students are required to be formally registered in the Practical Christian Ministries Program.

 Why do we have the Practical Christian Ministries Program?

    1. ABHE, our Bible accreditation association, requires us to have a ministry formation program.
    2. Jesus discipled His disciples through practical ministry experience.
    3. To help our students grow in their confidence and ministry ability to further God’s kingdom!

Our prayer is that God will use the local churches, pastors, lay leaders, and ministries that students work with through Practical Christian Ministries, as well as Calvary’s faculty and staff, to give our students the best discipleship experience possible.

 For a full understanding of the Practical Christian Ministries Program please read the Practical Christian Ministries Handbook below…

Contact Dawnita

To contact Dawnita, please email [email protected] or call 816-425-6182.

Your First Practical Christian Ministry

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Practical Christian Ministry Guidelines

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Practical Christian Ministries Handbook

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