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Campus Security

Calvary’s Campus Security is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of students, staff, faculty and visitors. All security officers are licensed by the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) and have completed a basic training course.

Contacting Authorities

  • Using a cell phone: Dial 911 for police and (816) 331-8700 for Calvary Campus Security
  • Using a campus phone: Dial 9-911 for police and Ext. 3333 for Calvary Campus Security or Ext. 4444 for Calvary Maintenance.

Be ready to report:

  • Your specific location, building name and office/room number
  • Number of people at your specific location
  • Nature of the emergency
  • Assailant location, number of suspects, race, gender, clothing description, personal features, weapon type, identity (if known), general observations if it is a violent incident

To be prepared for any situation, program emergency phone numbers into your cell phone.

Campus Security Services

Escort Program

The escort program provides a uniformed security guard to accompany students and employees between buildings, to vehicles, or other locations on campus. Individuals walking alone, particularly at night, are at a much higher risk than those walking with two or more people.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle information is collected to help identify individuals who may be on campus and do not belong. In the event of an incident involving a vehicle, registration allows Campus Security to aid Law Enforcement with the investigation. Vehicles may be registered by contacting the Security Office.

Emergency Text Alert Program (ETAP)

Calvary University is equipped to quickly mass communicate text messages to all personnel in the event of an emergency. This system allows Campus Security to effectively relay emergency information, procedures and orders to individuals that voluntarily participate in the program. Rapid communication is a critical element for safety during an emergency. Students, staff, and faculty may sign up for the ETAP program by contacting the Security Office.

Clery Act

The annual crime index report is made available in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. The report is available from the Security Office. Any further questions should be directed to the Chief of Security.

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