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The Warrior Cafe

Join us at The Warrior Café for a steaming hot espresso drink and be refreshed by the iron sharpening-iron fellowship with other believers. In addition to our drinks, we offer an ever-changing selection of sweet and savory snacks, as well as frozen meals.


The Warrior Café Summer Business Hours

  • Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Closed Saturday – Sunday

Standard Offerings

Drip Coffee….. $1.50   $2   $2.50                                                                                                   Smoothies….. $4

Latte….. $3.50   $4   $4.50                                                                                                             Hot Cocoa….. $3.50   $4   $4.50

Americano….. $1.50   $2   $2.50                                                                                                    Tea….. $2   $2.50   $3

Pour Over….. $3   $4                                                                                                                      Tea Latte….. $3.50   $4   $4.50

Cold Brew….. $3                                                                                                                             Hugo Chai….. $3.50   $4   $4.50

*extra shot….. $ .50

Drip Coffee: A delicious, hot beverage made from Eleos blend beans. A traditional favorite. (Served hot)

Americano: This drink consists of a shot (or shots, depending on the size) of espresso with hot or cold water to create a smooth alternative to a cup of coffee. (Served hot and iced)

Cafe Au Lait: Equal parts drip coffee and steamed milk. (Served hot)

Pour Over: Similar to drip coffee, we use the Chemex pour over brew method to create a clean cup of coffee that maintains body and balanced floral notes. We have a menu of three single origins. As barista to see what we currently offer. (Served hot)

Cold Brew: Coffee concentrate poured over ice. Cold brew is naturally less acidic creating a delicious, bold flavor! (Seasonal April-September)

Red Eye: Drip coffee combined with a single, double, or triple shot of espresso to get energy flowing. (Served hot)

Latte: It is made half espresso and half steamed milk, topped off with milk foam.  Add any sauce or syrup to create a flavorful creation. (Served hot, iced, and frozen)

Cortado (also known as Gibraltar): 2 oz of espresso and 2 oz of steamed milk; traditionally not very foamy. (Served hot)

Cappuccino: The difference between a latte and a cappuccino is that there 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 foam. Add any sauce or syrup of your choice. (Served hot)

Chai Latte: We blend Hugo Chai concentrate and steam it in milk to create a smooth and spicy taste. Add caramel or cinnamon syrup to make it unique. (Served hot, iced, and frozen)

London Fog Tea Latte: We brew half Grey Line tea then combine it with some steamed milk and a dash of vanilla.

Hot Cocoa: Chocolate or White Chocolate hot cocoa powder combined with steamed milk serves up a timeless classic. (Served hot and frozen)

Steamer: Steamed milk and sauce or syrup for those who don’t prefer the taste of lattes. (Served hot)

Smoothies: Delicious fruitful flavors that you can combine to make a tropical escape. (Served frozen)