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Convenient Options

Calvary University offers the convenience of online payments, as well as several payment plans to choose from.The CU Cashier’s Office is here to help. If you need help understanding your billing statement or balance due, please contact the Cashier’s Office at 816-425-6198 or by email at

Students are responsible for ensuring that their financial obligations are taken care of at least two weeks before classes start each semester. You may access your detailed billing and financial aid information by logging into Populi.

Payment in full or enrollment in a payment plan is required two weeks before classes start each semester. Failure to pay or enroll in a payment plan by the established due dates will result in a financial hold placed on the student’s account, preventing them from registering for future classes, receiving grades, transcripts, or graduating, and/or the student may be dropped from classes.

Pay Online

Students or parents can pay rent, tuition, or other expenses right now using Populi. Payments may be made with an eCheck that electronically withdraws your payment from a checking or savings account. No additional fee is charged for payments made with an eCheck.

Payments made with a credit or debit card are subject to a service fee. Service fees vary based upon the card presented for payment.

Please note, debit cards are associated with a bank account number and routing number. If you are using a debit card, you can avoid the service fee by choosing the eCheck option and entering your bank account number and routing number. Click here to continue to the online payment portal within Populi.

Monthly Payment Plans

Calvary University is pleased to offer a Monthly Payment Plan, the “worry free” alternative to lump sum tuition payments! Designed to assist students and families in paying education expenses to Calvary University, the Monthly Payment Plan enables you to spread educational expenses over equal monthly installments.

  • It’s convenient… choose either eCheck from your bank account or automatic charge to your credit card (a service fee equal to 2.75% of each payment  will be assessed for each payment made with a credit or debit card)
  • It’s affordable… there is no interest charged on your Monthly Payment Plan account.
  • It’s easy… simply click here to set up a monthly payment in Populi, and select “Pay this amount monthly if there is an amount due” before clicking “Pay now”.
How to make a payment to your student account in Populi

Please follow these steps in order to make a payment:


  1. Log into Populi


  1. Go to your “Financial” tab> “Dashboard” tab


  1. Go to the box that contains the, “Pay now amount”
    1. It is located at the far right-hand side of the page
    2. Your balance due is displayed in this box


  1. Click on the “Make a Payment” tab, which is directly under the “Pay now amount”


  1. Complete ALL the information on the “Pay Student Charges for_____” page


  1. You can pay by either “Electronic check” or “Credit card”
    1. If you pay by credit card, you will be charged a 2.75% convenience fee
    2. So, I recommend that you pay by electronic check, thus, avoiding the fee


  1. After you have made your payment choice, complete the corresponding information (e-check or credit card, as applicable)


  1. Make sure the amount in the “Payment Amount” box is what you want to pay


  1. At the bottom of the form, directly above the “Pay Now” tab, there is a drop down menu which gives you a choice to select,
    1. “This is a one-time payment”, or
    2. “Pay this amount monthly if there is an amount due”
      1. There is a drop down menu to select the date you want to pay
      2. There is a drop down menu to select the duration you want to pay
        1. “Until I cancel”, or
        2. “A fixed number of times”
          1. If this option is selected, another box appears for you to select, “After this one, make __ (type in the number) additional payments”


  1. When done, click on the “Pay Now” tab at the very bottom of the form