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Dean Josh is excited to pursue growth on Calvary’s Campus

Calvary welcomes the new Dean of Men, Joshua Johnson. Josh grew up in Kearney, MO, and worked as a youth pastor, teacher, and soccer coach, before moving to Israel with his family. In Jerusalem, he served as Dean of Students at Anglican Inter­national School Jerusalem (AISJ).

AISJ drew students from a wide range of religious backgrounds. Johnson noted that for many of them, lying was a habitual practice. One student in particular, he said, would lie about anything. But, by the end of Johnson’s time at AISJ, “He would walk into my office and just say, ‘Mr. Johnson, what do you need to know? Who did this, or who broke the bathroom door, or whatever. And I’ll tell you the truth.’” Johnson explained how exciting this was for him. “He changed. He grew.”

This same idea of growth propels Johnson in his work as Dean of Men. He said, “My goal has always been to see students grow.” Johnson pointed out that multiplication is inherent in the discipleship model. Student Development embraces a vision that students discipled here leave Calvary with the desire to invest in others.

Looking toward his first semester here, Johnson said, “I want students to come in and feel loved; feel that they have a shot.” Calvary is passionate about discipleship and growth, and we are thrilled to have Dean Josh on our team.