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Spring Concert Presented by Music Department

Spring Concert Presented by Music Department

Weekly Portraits of Calvary Life

Last Friday the Calvary University Music Department presented the Spring Concert at Blue River Bible Church.

Brittany Hill, Hailey Bair, Daniel Huxman, and Zach Burnham sang “Holy” and were accompanied by Un Chong Christopher.

The evening began with a hymn medley performed by an instrumental ensemble.  Other instrumental pieces were sprinkled throughout the program as well as several vocal ensembles.

Sarah Bourdess and Bethany Franklin played “Danse macabre.”


We enjoyed vocal solos by Tim VanderWoude, Charis Schneeberger, Hailey Bair, Brittany Hill, Corey Ruehling, and Zach Burnham.  The evening ended with three songs by the Chorale.

The Chorale was directed by Jeremy Schell. (Front row: Charis Schneeberger, Alyona Hassenplug, Grace Murphy, Katherine Figuera, Deborah Clipperton, and Karla Aponte) (Back row: Christopher Stolberg, Levi Hoey, Kelvin Mwendia, Joshua Freerksen, Joel Chappel, Andrew Barnes, and David Allen)

We appreciate all of the hard work by students, faculty, and staff to prepare for this concert, and we thank the Lord for the blessing of music.

Sara Klaassen

Alumni Relations Coordinator


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