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Calvary University graduate assistant, Christopher Johnson, receiving the “Biblical Greek Award” in 2018 from CU Professor, Dr. Neil Nelson.

I feel a tremendous obligation and duty to know my material well…”

Christopher Johnson has three words of advice for undergraduate students learning biblical languages. “When the going gets tough,” said the graduate assistant for Hebrew classes, “remember why you wanted to learn the languages; be self-disciplined, have a plan and execute it; and repetition is the key to learning and the key to learning is repetition.” 

Johnson said, “Each week I prepare focused topic lectures to meet the projected objectives of the class, construct PowerPoint presentations, and grade assignments. Being a graduate assistant is like being in a teaching apprenticeship.” Johnson taught Hebrew I and OT Survey I & II this past semester.   

Johnson is currently pursuing his doctorate at Calvary University in Bible and Theology. After getting his doctorate, Johnson hopes to write books and do speaking engagements. “Anything ministry related,” Johnson said. “I would eventually like to leave my secular job and be in full time ministry. Probably teach at a university during the week and serve as a pastor or teaching elder in the church.”  

Johnson said the hardest part of his graduate assistant job is the pressure to teach well. “I no longer am just wearing a student hat but a teacher hat as well. Being a student is challenging, but I think being a teacher is more challenging. One reason is because I am not passively listening to lectures each week but preparing them and delivering them. I feel a tremendous obligation and duty to know my material well and try to present it in a manner that is both professional and engaging. In layman’s terms, I feel the pressure to know what I am talking about and not be boring in the process.”  

However, Johnson said that his favorite thing about being a graduate assistant is the opportunity to teach students about the Word. “My greatest joy has been the opportunity to lecture. Knowing that I am going to be presenting information in front of students has inspired me to study extra hard to know the material. I find that in my times of class preparation, the Holy Spirit is teaching me perhaps more than even what I experience as a student. That is a wonderful joy which becomes realized when class starts, and I have the opportunity to try to pass that information on to my brothers and sisters in Christ.” 

Johnson receiving an academic award from Professor Joel Williamson in 2018. 

Commencement in 2018 when Johnson received his Master’s degree from CU.

Johnson receiving the highest honor cords from Calvary’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Teddy Bitner, in 2018.