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November 28 – Calvary University announced that Dr. Joaquim Braga will transition from Biblical Counseling Department Chair to the Adjunct Faculty role he formerly held. Dr. Braga was part of a bold initiative to lead the department from Brazil, while developing a Brazilian counseling ministry and extending Calvary’s reach into Brazil. After successfully leading a redesign of Calvary’s Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling, and after relocating to Brazil to launch his counseling ministry there, Dr. Braga concluded that he would not be able to effectively serve in both roles, and requested a transition back to the adjunct role. Braga explained, “The only reason I’m asking Calvary to consider finding a replacement for me is because I really believe that having someone on campus will be incredibly beneficial for the program…I have come to realize, through my experience these past several months, that it will be difficult for me to do that job well while also starting our counseling and teaching ministry in Brazil.” Braga added that he very much looks forward to staying involved as an adjunct faculty: “I have absolutely loved the interactions with the students as department chair these past several months – interacting with them always energized me and encourages me spiritually.”

Dr. Cone expressed his gratitude and appreciation for Braga’s ministry and is glad Braga will be able to continue as faculty. “Dr. Braga is a tremendous example of a man who practices what he preaches. Just as he is teaching our students to serve others from a Scriptural foundation, he is doing that in his own life and ministry. And sometimes that means making really difficult decisions about priorities and time commitments. I am proud of Joa, and thankful he is a member of our faculty. I think our students are paying attention and recognize that there is as much to be learned from observing how our faculty live and make decisions as there is to be learned in the classroom.”

Dr. Cone added that Calvary will be seeking a Department Chair for the Biblical Counseling department who will be able to build on the good work done by Dr. Braga and his predecessors in advancing Calvary’s strong commitment to God’s word as sufficient and authoritative and to providing students with the best training and most usable credentials.