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Amanda Harman is a passionate writer, ready to impact the world of creative writing and literature. 

“Christians can and should use literature to impact the world around us.”

Amanda Harman grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and graduated on May 7th with an English Literature and Creative Writing degree. Since childhood, she has enjoyed family life, venturing in the mountains, and exploring the ever-widening world of literature. Amanda has also been a member of Calvary’s Nikao Leadership Institute for four years, in which she received individualized training in a variety of leadership contexts: “Calvary has helped me to see how the biblical worldview should impact all parts of my life, and I have learned how to execute writing in a way that points readers toward God. Because the Bible itself is literature, we as Christians can and should use literature to impact the world around us.” 

Amanda’s interest in creative writing began when she was in high school: “I took my first creative writing classes at Calvary, and they opened amazing new paths for me. I have written short stories, poetry, and even creative nonfiction. Not only that, but Calvary has helped me get experience in editing and article writing for their website, which makes it much easier to apply for jobs.”

In her last couple of years of attending Calvary, Amanda has been able to tutor students in a variety of subjects, which has given her amazing opportunities to share her knowledge, gain real-world experience, and encourage other students toward success. “There was one student a couple of years ago who worked with all of us tutors at one point or another,” Amanda reflects, “We worked with him diligently to push him away from academic probation and onward toward graduation. It was an incredible experience, and I love that I was able to be part of it.” 

When thinking of experiences that have impacted her at Calvary, and lessons she has learned through her time of being a student, Amanda states: “There are so many things, it’s hard to pick just one: the amazing mentors I’ve been blessed to work with, the opportunities to write and edit, the trust placed in me from the very beginning with my experience in Calvary’s Nikao Leadership Institute… It’s all been so wonderful in preparing me for the future.” She continues, “In particular, I am so grateful for Mr. Thomas Crank and The Warrior’s Pen giving me the opportunity to be on an editorial board. It’s an experience that has opened many job opportunities for me.” 

“In the immediate future,” Amanda says, “I am excited to get a job in my field of study and start working. More than anything, though, I am thrilled to marry a fellow writer (and the love of my life) by the end of this summer!” Today, through Amanda’s gained experience as a writer, tutor, and servant-leader, she is well-equipped to enter her world of study with a firm, biblical foundation to stand upon. 



Amanda graduated with highest honors as an official member of the Nikao Leadership Institute.