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“Calvary laid the foundation for my study of the Bible.”

Calvary alumnus Jeff Rhoades recently published his first book, The Bible, Dimensions, and the Spiritual Realm. Rhoades, who graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in 1994, said, “It’s really about looking at the spiritual realms as a higher dimension. We normally think of angels and God out in a three-dimensional world, so instead of God being in the fourth dimension, we think of God really big… and heaven is just way up in the sky.” Through his book, Rhoades examines the concept of the fourth dimension. “There are lots of things out there scientists that look at that say, ‘There’s more out there than initially meets the eye.’”

Rhoades said his years studying at Calvary “laid the foundation for my study of the Bible. Calvary gave me my biblical premillennial dispensationalist foundation so that when I continued to study, I was on track.” He noted that, when researching the scientific aspects of his book, “I’m reading a lot of science books, and there’s guys who are way off track. But there’s a piece of the truth in there.” He added that one of the biggest mistakes most scientists make “is they don’t have any foundation of truth to sift through these findings. Calvary gave me that foundation.”

The Bible, Dimensions, and the Spiritual Realm topped Amazon’s charts as the #1 new Release in Science and Religion early in May. The book is available to purchase on Amazon in paperback or kindle edition, and an audiobook is slated to come out on Audible later this month.

The Bible, Dimensions, and the Spiritual Realm

The Bible tells of a spiritual realm where heaven, angels, and God reside. Where is this mysteriously invisible realm? Science has opened the door to the possibility of higher spatial dimensions. Could this be where heaven is? Using God’s Word, this book will present evidence for the reality of the spiritual realm and also lay out the scientific evidence, from Einstein’s theory of relativity to string theory, that points to the possibility of a higher dimension or dimensions. Through this book, the everyday Christian will learn how to view the spiritual dimension or spiritual realm in a deeper way and will see clearly that there is much more to our universe than meets the eye. The seeking skeptic will also be presented with evidence that God is real and the Bible is His communication to man. The foundation is laid from the Bible, from science and from understanding that we are three-dimensional beings created by a Grand Programmer to live in the physical and spiritual universe. Because of sin, mankind lost the ability to see the spiritual realm, but through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, we can once again access the spiritual realm and live fully as God our creator intends.