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Dr. Tommy Ice to address the Biblical view of the future

Dr. Tommy Ice

The Ryrie Lectures, an annual lecture series at Calvary University, will take place next Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 11:00 a.m. each day in CU’s Liberty Chapel. Each lecture will be followed by a question-answer time.

Dr. Tommy Ice, Program Director for the Bachelor in Bible and Theology and Professor of Bible and Theology here at CU, Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center, celebrate author and speaker will be bringing the lectures this year.

Dr. Ice is planning to address the following general subject: “The Biblical View of the Future.”  

  • Tuesday: “The Importance of Bible Prophecy.”  
  • Wednesday: “Why a Pre-Trib Rapture.”  
  • Thursday: “The Purpose of the Tribulation.  
  • Friday: “The Millennium and the Eternal State.”


Continuing the Legacy of Charles Ryrie

An interview with Dr. Christopher Cone

Dr. Christopher Cone

Who was Charles Ryrie, and why name a lecture series in honor of him?

Charles Ryrie is one of the most influential dispensational thinkers of our time, and his impact is broadly felt. He is an excellent theologian and educator. He is a writer who addressed a remarkable diversity of topics – showing that dispensational thought was not restricted to eschatology. But most of all, I was impressed at the kindness and clarity with which he taught. He is a gracious teacher who could take difficult topics and present them in a simple and understandable way. He

Dr. Charles Ryrie

poured into people and modeled what we are trying to do here at CU.

How long has CU been doing this series?

This is the third annual event. The first keynote was by Dr. Mike Stallard (Friends of Israel), who emphasized basic principles of dispensational thought and why they are important. Last year, Grant Hawley (Bold Grace Publishing) challenged our students with the importance of rightly understanding and applying the grace of God. We are looking forward to this year’s discussions with Dr. Tommy Ice!

What do you hope is accomplished through the lecture series?

The Charles Ryrie Lecture Series is intended to serve two major purposes:

(1) To celebrate and honor his legacy, as an irenic and engaging educator and discipler, and

(2) To continue his legacy of showing the breadth of impact that dispensational thought should have in every area of our lives, as a natural result of interpreting the Bible consistently in a literal grammatical historical way.

Normally the Ryrie Lectures are delivered by a guest speaker. Why did you invite Dr. Ice to speak this time?

Dr. Ice is a world class theologian and teacher, and because Dr. Ice was new to CU, I thought it would be great for all our students to have access to his teaching – especially those who might not be in classes he taught this year. Plus, we have viewers all over the world through the online presentation of the lectures. I think students will enjoy what he brings. But they definitely will have to be ready for some meat, because he will challenge them to think!