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International Student Services is your home for support while you study at CU.   We understand that living abroad can be very challenging, especially at first.  We are committed to you.  How?

We are here to help you practically:

Do you need help finding mobile phone service, or getting a driver’s license, or opening up a bank account, or buying health insurance?  If you are new to the U.S. these can be intimidating things to do.   We are happy to help in any way we can, just contact us!

We are here to help you connect:

International club:  We meet at least once a month to share a meal and get to know each other better.  We often have a “Culture of the month” presentation, where we learn from one of our students about their home culture.

Conversational English Groups:   Building your English skills in a fun way will really help you better connect with many other students, faculty, and staff.

We are here to help you with legal questions:

Can I work on campus? Can I get an internship? What documents do I need to travel? Do I need to file taxes?  Questions like these are important, and International Student Services is here to help you.

We are here to help you serve:

We partner with refugee ministries, international clubs, and churches who have great outreach opportunities for international students.   Serving together as the body of Christ is a great source of joy and community for us all.

Please contact us with any needs, questions, or concerns you have.  We care deeply for our international students and want to serve you well.