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Marketing and Communications Director, Shaun LePage, unveils the updated academic seal at On-Ramp 2019.

Calvary’s Academic Seal Gets an Update

Calvary University is excited to unveil an official visual update to their academic seal. The update was instigated by Calvary’s President, Dr. Christopher Cone, in his continued desire for Calvary to pursue excellence across all planes. 

The seal preserves many elements of prior seals, such as the global cross and Greek text, as well as incorporating newer elements of Hebrew text.

The academic seal represents Calvary’s academic standing and excellence, as well as the mission Calvary embraces. The global cross has long been emblematic of Calvary’s commitment to the work of discipleship for ministry across borders. The global cross is grounded on the Word, representing Calvary’s distinctive of undergirding every class and every degree program with the Bible.

Calvary’s commitment to Scripture is accentuated in the Hebrew text taken from Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” The Greek text comes from 1 Timothy 1:5, and is translated, “but the goal of our instruction is love.” CU’s focus on academic excellence is upheld by a deeper desire for life transformation and a closer walk with the Lord and each other.