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“My favorite thing about Calvary is the care and concern shown to each student.”

Dr. Tom Bonine has been at Calvary longer than any other faculty member. He has been an adjunct professor for Calvary University since 1980. 

“I came to Calvary after teaching in Christian schools for ten years to work in the Education Department,” he said. “The Education Department was starting some secondary education programs and I had been teaching secondary education math and Bible courses, and I saw the need for more Christian School Teachers with a [minor] in Bible” (which Calvary requires of all education majors).

Bonine loves Calvary’s mission and getting to participate in it. “I have stayed for so long because I love helping Calvary grads prepare to live according to a biblical world view and to serve others in the world and in the church,” he said. 

“My favorite thing about Calvary is the care and concern shown to each student, and the emphasis on developing a biblical worldview and a Christ-centered approach to life and work and relationships.”

Bonine has also been at Calvary long enough to see how God has used each president to accomplish unique advancements.

“Each of the presidents that God has brought to Calvary through the years has made a valuable contribution to the ongoing growth and development of Calvary’s ministry,” he said. “Dr. Cone brought us into online blended education. Dr. Clark led us into a robust graduate school that includes biblical counseling and biblically based business administration. Dr Urey hired Dr. Clark to develop a counseling major at Calvary. Dr. Bathke brought us the Excel Program that became the basis for offering intensive classes. Dr. Madison kept us grounded theologically when many schools were ‘being tossed about by every wind of doctrine.’” 

Bonine’s favorite story is from when he first came to work at Calvary. “We were moving from 39th street to the present campus and I was helping move the library—loading shelves of books into big trucks and unloading them into the new library—and several students thought I was a new student because I looked so young. They were somewhat ‘shocked’ when they came to class and I was their professor.

“My one piece of advice to students would be the advice given to me by Pastor Smith—the man who led me to Christ. ‘Read one chapter of proverbs every day to obtain daily wisdom from God.’ My second piece of advice would be to read through the Bible every year to stay current with your biblical world view. My third piece of advice would be to embrace the biblical axiom for JOY. Jesus first, others second, yourself last. I would also like to share my life verses (Proverbs 3:5-6) Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not unto your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.