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This generation of students has grown up hearing about school violence on campuses across the nation at all levels of education. While we are blessed to not have had any incidents on the Calvary campus, we must remain vigilant in preparing for and protecting the students from any form of violence.

Each year, you, as alumni, play an integral role in training up the next generation of leaders through Calvary University. That role has three specific ways you invest: Praying, recommending potential students to seek a biblically-based education, and investing financially in the work of Calvary.

This year, for the Alumni Phone-A-Thon, the students have worked to identify specific needs that relate to the safety and security of everyone on campus. These projects include upgrading and installing new security cameras, replacing aging fire alarm systems, and updating aging parking lots.

”Yes, we feel safe, but that doesn’t mean we feel completely secure…” a student senate member shared regarding the thoughts of students about the campus. They appreciate the attention the leadership paid to details like providing new mattresses (2018), bringing in new furniture in lounge areas (2019), caring for COVID-19 details on campus (2020), and resurfacing the floor in the Student Life Center (2021).

“This year we’d like to ask for something a bit more on the safety and security side.” The security team walks the campus multiple times a day and works to identify and care for concerns across the 32-acre campus and its 11 buildings. The project this year focuses on Security and will upgrade all existing security cameras and add cameras to cover angles and areas that are currently not visible on the security monitors. It will also replace the aging fire alarm system in Madison Hall and upgrade the parking lot for the Student Life Center and the Hilda Kroeker Library.

The combined estimated cost for these projects is $75,000. It has been such an encouragement to see how the alumni and friends of Calvary have come alongside this spring project to make the student experience safer and more pleasant. Last year’s project of nearly $50,000 was fully funded through the support of alumni and friends of the University who participated in the Feast and Fund Banquet and Auction in April.

In February, students who have received scholarship funding will begin calling to talk with you and share about how God has been working in their life while here at Calvary and ask how they can be praying for you. Part of the call will also be to share about the project and invite your prayerful consideration of support.

Through the generosity of alumni like you, we are hoping to raise $30,000 in response to this letter and the Alumni-Phone-a-Thon. Included in this $30,000 will be $1,000 that is dedicated to paying for the Alumni Induction Luncheon for the 107 new graduates this year. The balance of the funding for this on-campus project focused on security will be procured through our annual Spring Feast and Fund Banquet and Auction to be held on March 25, 2022.

Alumnus Profile: Dan Anderson

While Calvary alumni Dan and Ilona Anderson have a long history of ministering to the family of Christ, Dan (CA ‘92) currently leads Kingdom Way Ministries in Loveland Colorado.

This vibrant ministry focuses on assisting business leaders from all across the front range of the Rockies to implement God-honoring business practices by living and leading according to the biblical worldview.

As an alumnus of Calvary, Dan is thankful for the rich theological heritage he received from Calvary that prepared him for a life of service. Dan comments “Calvary prepared me to understand and apply the Scriptures in a way that both challenges the mind and encourages the heart while also leading people to wrestle with how they can lead the business God has stewarded them while honoring him at the same time.” Dan shares that he is excited about the future of Calvary and what God is doing in and through its alumni around the globe.

Building up the Body of Christ since 1932

Your generous investment will provide better security for the current students on campus.

Here are three convenient ways to make your Phone-A-Thon donation and invest in the training of these students.

If you do not wish to be called during Phone-A-Thon, please click here to contact us and let us know by February 10, 2022, to insure removal from the February call list.