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As I write this article, snippets of dialogue between one of my tutors and his client trickle down the hall. They are passionately discussing an essay, figuring out the best way to word a particularly troublesome sentence. This conversation reminds me of countless other conversations that testify to the ministry of the Clark Academic Center (CAC).

In a recent email, for example, one student wrote, “Thank you so much for the guidance on my paper! I was able to fix all the needed areas and have the paper turned in within an hour. […] I will definitely use the CAC for help in the future.” Another student told me in person that she was absolutely humbled by the amount of help the CAC tutors were providing her. I assured her it was a free service and we her happy to help.

Our Mission

What exactly is the ministry of the CAC? Maybe you’re new here—a new student or a new faculty member. Or, perhaps you’ve been here for a while but have never visited the CAC. Let me briefly detail some of what we do here. Then, come and see for yourself.

Our mission is simple, but we take it seriously:

The Clark Academic Center is a ministry-minded student service whose main focus is helping students succeed academically.

Our Goals

Did you catch that? Our job is to make you successful. How do we do that?

We meet the mission by . . .

  1. Providing tutorial assistance for college coursework and related academic skills
  2. Helping clients at Calvary University and other Calvary sites with documents in any stage of the writing process, in any discipline, in any medium, and in any genre
  3. Accommodating students with learning disabilities as recommended by the DSS Coordinator
  4. Serving the Calvary University community with academic support services
  5. Modeling the Christian walk in academic service and mentoring clients spiritually to affect spiritual growth alongside academic growth

Our Tutors

Our tutors are highly-trained students, who actively build their skills in a variety of subject areas. The tutors have to take the equivalent of a three-credit hour training course during their first semester of work, in addition to weekly professional development meetings.

Our Services

Most of our clients come in for help with writing, but we can serve in any academic area. Here’s a short list of things we’ve helped students with just this semester:

  • Brainstorming, planning, writing, and reviewing essays
  • Learning time management skills
  • Understanding and applying Turabian and answering difficult Turabian questions
  • Tutoring math
  • Proctoring tests
  • Reading textbooks out loud to students who are auditory processors or who have special needs

What else can the CAC do for you? The possibilities are virtually endless. It never hurts to ask. Need help with something? Give us a call at extension 1402.