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This week’s podcast is a little different: we’re asking YOU to vote!
Calvary Conversations started almost on a whim during the COVID-19 shutdown, so we didn’t clarify our mission as much as we should have. So, as we reached the one-year point we started having discussions to do just that: clarify our mission.
AND… we want to get your vote on our mission statement. It would mean so much to us for you to click on this link, which will take you to a form where you can click on your favorite version of our mission statement. We will NOT collect any data about you except your opinion on this question: Which version of our mission statement do you prefer?
  • Encouraging conversation about life from the biblical worldview.
  • Engaging conversations about how the biblical worldview informs Christian life and leadership.
  • Encouraging conversations about anything and everything from the biblical worldview.
  • Conversations about how the biblical worldview informs our lives and leadership.
Thank you so much for listening and for casting your vote!

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