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Student designers took leadership as the set we’ve been working on since mid-August was moved into the Chapel last Saturday by the cast and crew of Traveler in the Dark. Designed by senior Theatre Arts major Christy Stone, the set includes the backyard garden of a country preacher’s home. This set is the second set designed by Ms. Stone, who is not only a talented artist, but a plays Glory Carter in the production, wife of world-famous surgeon Sam Carter, and the only female in the cast.

Converting the Chapel into a theatre isn’t the easiest task in the world, especially when you have to transplant a tree! The normally flat seating was reconstructed into a tiered configuration, specially-designed and painted flooring is installed, the set is assembled, and lighting is hung and focused. Ana Sharp, junior Theatre Arts major, is our very first student to take on the formidable task of lighting design. Also this weekend, Ana oversaw the hanging of the instruments and the beginning of the difficult process of focusing and programming the lighting.

Kaleb Krahn, CU Theatre’s Technical Director, lent his considerable expertise to the efforts. Saturday night was a late one, but there was much accomplished that you’ll have to see to believe. You won’t want to miss it!