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Transferring your credits starts here.

    Transfer Admissions Requirements

              Before you start the transfer process, make sure to review the admissions requirements for transfer students on the Calvary University website.                        

           The requirements may differ from those of freshman applicants, so it’s important to review them carefully.

              You can find this information on Calvary University’s Transfer Admissions Page. 


        Transfer credits may be granted in which:

        • Courses are equivalent to and meet degree requirements for major, and a grade of C- or above was earned. 
        • The college is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education, the Higher Learning Commission, any regional accrediting agency, or one of the other institutional accrediting agencies recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and listed by the American Council on Education in its publication, Directory of Recognized Accrediting Agencies and Supporter of Accreditation.
        • An official transcript is sent to Calvary’s Admissions Office from each college. The Admissions Office will have the Registrar’s Office evaluate the transcripts to determine how many credits will transfer to Calvary. For an accurate evaluation, a major at Calvary must be declared.


        * Transfer credit does not affect the GPA calculated for courses taken at Calvary, which is calculated using coursework taken for credit at Calvary. Students coming from non-accredited institutions may receive up to 24 credit hours transferred for Bible courses taken at those institutions.

        Use our transfer equivalency tool to determine which of your credits will transfer and how they will apply to your degree program.

        Transfer Scholarships and Financial Aid

                 Calvary University offers scholarships and financial aid for transfer students.   

               Be sure to check Calvary University’s website for information on scholarships and financial aid that are available for transfer students. 

              This info is available on our Calvary scholarships page.

          Graduate and Seminary Credits


              Transfer credits may be granted in which:

              • A grade of B or above was earned.
              • The courses are equivalent to and meet degree requirements for the focus chosen at Calvary.
              • The seminary or graduate school is accredited by an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the Commission on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation (CORPA) and listed by the American Council on Education in its publication Directory of Recognized Accrediting Agencies and Supporter of Accreditation.
              • If Calvary University accepts the transfer of credit for students who attend a recognized seminary or graduate school – the Registrar determines the schools that meet such criteria, which includes consideration of the doctrinal position of institutions attended by the students. Course equivalency of transfer credits is subject to the review and approval of the Graduate School and Seminary faculty.


              *Students entering the Graduate School or the Seminary who have studied previously at another institutionare are required to have an official transcript sent to the Admissions Office from each college attended at the time of application. A maximum of twenty-five percent of hours needed for the program may be transferred toward the Master of Science degree, the Master of Arts degree, or the Master of Divinity degree, providing the courses transferred are equivalent to or meet the program requirements of those offered by Calvary University.

              Use our transfer equivalency tool to determine  which of your credits will transfer and how they will apply to your degree program.

              Important to Note:

                Systematic and Practical Theology courses are not transferable.

                Transfer decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis upon review of submitted course descriptions and course  syllabi along with educational qualifications of teaching faculty (to be supplied by the student). For credits to be acceptable, the teaching faculty must possess a minimum of a master’s degree from an institution accredited by a DOE or CHEA recognized accrediting agency in the area of instruction. Calvary University will only consider approving credit for courses where the student receives a letter grade, and that grade must be a “C-” or higher.

                Pass/Fail or Satisfactory grades are not transferable.

                Transfer Credits will be transferred after the student is accepted to Calvary and has supplied either (1) an official transcript from an accredited institution or (2) official transcripts, course syllabi, and instructor credentials from a non-accredited institution. 

                General Education or Professional Education courses from non-accredited institutions are not transferable. 

                Students are encouraged to prove proficiency in General Education subjects through taking CLEP exams (see section on credits by examination). Because of state certification requirements, the Education Department has special rules regarding transfer credits. See the department description in the Program of Study section of this catalog. Courses taken through StraighterLine will not be accepted as transfer credits to Calvary University.


                The Registrar’s Office: How Transferring Credits Works

                The Registrar’s Office will provide syllabi and instructor credentials to the Bible and Theology Department Chair for review. Upon recommendation of the University faculty and approval by the ACC, the courses will be placed on the student’s Calvary transcript. The Registrar will notify the student of their credit transfer status once the review is complete. Bible Language courses from non-accredited institutions are transferable but will only be accepted after the student passes a proficiency exam taken at Calvary University. The student must supply the course descriptions and course syllabi along with the educational qualifications of teaching faculty. 

                Students desiring to transfer course work to Calvary by completing course work elsewhere while they are enrolled at Calvary are to obtain approval through the Registrar’s Office before beginning that course work to guarantee the course will meet degree requirements.

                Distance (Online) Learning Courses College-level distance education courses are to meet the same transfer credit requirements as other transfer courses. Certificate students may only take distance
                education courses from Calvary University. Any credit(s) to be transferred to Calvary (including distance education courses) from other institutions granting college-level academic credit are to be completed and official transcripts received by the Registrar’s Office no later than the Wednesday prior to Commencement. Students who need to transfer a significant number of hours from other institutions to achieve a major or minor requirement are advised to schedule these courses beginning in their sophomore year so as not to delay graduation.