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Life is a series of changes and transitions. Our hearts scream, “I want my circumstances to change,” but the reality is, God wants to use our circumstances to change us. The Christians life is lived from the inside out – by faith. This can be uncomfortable, but if we fully understand the power of God’s will in our change, we will ultimately experience the peace of God that is promised (Phil 4:7). If not, we can expect levels of internal tension that can lead to depression and anxiety that we would typically blame on something external.

We all face change in life and the best way to understand the challenges we face during transition is to apply our biblical worldview.  Feelings and emotions can work against a smooth transition, so we should trust God and His Word in the process. One of the first Scriptures I share in a new counseling relationship is Ephesians 5:10, and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord.” This is a foreign concept in a man-centered worldview, but we Christians choose to act upon the powerful truth of God’s Word by faith. So, what is pleasing to the Lord and what does that look like? Well, from a biblical perspective, this is how the process of change should be understood by the follower of Jesus Christ:

“The Spirit of God uses the Word of God in the Child of God to produce the Will of God for the Glory of God.”

For me, it’s time to practice what I preach. My wife Cindy and I are now in another transition of life, as we discern what is pleasing to the Lord. We have chosen to move this summer in order to serve the Lord near our children and grandchildren in Virginia. This means I will no longer be teaching at Calvary University. This was a difficult decision because of our Calvary friends and church family in Kansas City. We are grateful for the grace and love we have received from everyone, and Calvary will always be in our prayers. May God, bless you in life’s changes and transitions too. Keep praying and trusting in Him!


For the love of Christ,

Dr. Mark Hager