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There is an incredible flurry of activity and growth at Calvary University, and as we prepare to welcome a new class of students here in the next few days, it is a good moment to count blessings and recall from whence they come. Here’s just a little of what we have been up to this summer:

We have welcomed some new and outstanding faculty (Dr. Gary Gromacki and Dr. Joachim Braga), and we are soon to welcome more. Stay tuned. These are excellent leaders and teachers who have proven their worth in handling the word and investing in students. We look forward to serving with them.

We have formally begun development on a Ph.D in Bible and Theology program. Stay tuned as we work toward getting that up and running.

We have launched the Nikao Leadership Institute, with ten highly qualified new students who will gain excellent skills in leadership, and who will receive full tuition scholarships to help them learn and apply these skills at Calvary, in the church, and in the community.

We have launched the Burnham Center for Global Engagement, which will be a big part of our missions program, moving forward. We are grateful to Martin and Gracia Burnham for their ministry, and we are pleased to name the Center in honor of them.

We have finalized renovation plans on the Dining and Events Center (what has affectionately been known as the Student Life Center), and we expect the actual renovation to kick off in the next few weeks.

We are in the midst of renovating what was formerly the Seminary Building (the Seminary is now integrated with the rest of the university, and is no longer limited to just one building), as we prepare to relocate the Kroeker Library to be housed there. The new library will have a smaller footprint, and will be more digitally focused, as we try to serve the increasing number of Calvary students across the globe.

We are working on finalizing the purchase of a major chunk of the land which we have leased for many years, with the goal that Calvary has room to grow in property it owns outright, without incurring any debt.

In addition to these many improvements, Calvary is seeing enrollment growth at higher levels than at any point in the past five years. We are excited to see God’s blessing in so many areas. So, it is vital that we not forget or take for granted the instruments God has used to bring us to this exciting stage in Calvary’s history.

First, we thank God for using you all, and we thank you for being so willing and generous. Your prayer and support is such an encouragement and a provision. Without you, we couldn’t dream of the initiatives we are engaged in. With you, we have great confidence in moving forward. Thank you!

Also, we know that we stand on the shoulders of giants. We are nothing without those who have gone before. I am particularly thankful for Dr. Clark and his leadership – he led Calvary through some very difficult years and lean times, and he made some key decisions that helped position Calvary for this present period of growth. When we are able to reap the fruit from the labors of those who blazed the hard trails, we need to express gratitude. So, thank you, Dr. Clark, our job is easier because you didn’t shy away from the challenges. Thank you for being a giant for Calvary University.

We have a gracious God, and we stand on the shoulders of giants. Thank you all for being co-laborers with us!

If you wish to be a co-laborer in a bigger way than maybe you have before, please help with (1) the Nikao Leadership Institute student scholarships, (2) the building projects we are working on, or (3) the Burnham Center for Global Engagement. We would invite you to give a gift online by clicking this link. Whether you can help financially or not, your prayers for Calvary University are so greatly appreciated. Thank you for lifting us up! These are exciting times, and we need you more than ever.

In His service and yours,

Christopher Cone, Th.D, Ph.D, Ph.D

President, Calvary University