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Dr. Christopher Cone and Mr. Randy Grimm sign documents to complete the acquisition of the property that will become the CU Student Life Center.

Calvary University Student Life Center

With so many new and ground-breaking events at Calvary University, students, faculty, and staff wonder how it could get more exciting! On Thursday, September 8, 2016, CU acquired a building that will become the Calvary University Student Life Center. Moreover, Chief Operating Officer, Randy Grimm, said, “God blessed us with a great building at just the right time.”  Calvary University President, Christopher Cone and COO, Randy Grimm, signed documents Thursday morning. Everyone interested in the new acquisition should go to the Calvary University Facebook Page ( for photos of the building. Dr. Cone announced that the President’s Dinner on September 29 ( will take place at this new location.

In the near future, the new building is going to be used for special events. Over the next few months, the President and his cabinet plan to renovate the existing building into a dining hall facility.  Moreover, new construction will provide space for a new library and the Clark Academic Center. Watch for more details! Calvary family, these are exciting times!!


Exterior of New Student Life Center


Interior of New Student Life Center