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From right to left: Mallory Pihl, Christy Stone, Elijah LePage, Corey Ruehling, Vincent Matteson, Jon Van Pelt, Rebekkah McIntosh, Callie Weeks, Levi Bennett, and Zeb Johnson

While you were finishing your Labor Day picnic, the dedicated cast of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons began an intense rehearsal process. With just five and a half weeks to mount a full production, the process is demanding. Actors will be off book by September 24; however, eight-year-old Elijah LePage in the role of Bert already has his down!

The play is set in post-WWII 1947 middle America and won two Tony awards, one for Best Author (Arthur Miller) and another for Best Director (Elia Kazan). It was Miller’s first success. The action centers around the Keller’s backyard as a terrible secret is slowly unraveled through the course of the action. The Keller family is composed of Junior Corey Ruehling as Joe Keller, patriarch of the Keller family; senior Christy Stone, plays his wife, Kate; and their son Chris is played by junior Vincent Matteson. Elijah Page as the friendly neighborhood kid Bert is joined by Chris’ girlfriend Ann Deever (Junior Mallory Pihl), Ann’s brother George (Junior Zeb Johnson), neighbors Jim and Sue Bayliss (Jon Van Pelt and Callie Weeks) and Lydia and Frank Lubey (Rebekkah McIntosh and Levi Bennett).

Tickets are now on sale, and they’re easy to get! See details below…

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