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Volume 1, Number 1 of Calvary’s Interdisciplinary Journal on Biblical Authority.

Calvary’s Interdisciplinary Journal on Biblical Authority (IJOBA) published its first volume in June 2020. The academic journal is a bi-annual publication created “to provide a platform for Christian thinkers to articulate the biblical worldview concerning issues in their chosen discipline as well as to evaluate trends and topics within that discipline using the biblical worldview.”

Dr. Mike Dodds, Director of CU Press which publishes IJOBA, said Calvary began the journal to encourage faculty “to get their thoughts out to the broader community; but also to provide a unique venue for Christian thinkers to do the same thing about their discipline.” Dodds said, “We hope to have articles about counseling issues, English/Communication issues, Bible/Theology, science, church ministry, etc.—and all written to express the biblical worldview concerning those issues in the discipline.”

The journal contains articles on topics relevant to the variety of disciples, as well as reviews of significant new books. While faculty and graduate students will certainly be contributors, Dodds said, “We want alumni and friends as well as like-faith individuals around the world to contribute articles.”  Information on article submission can be found on CU Press’s page.