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At the upcoming March 2 Feast and Fund Auction, hosted by Calvary University in the new Student Life Center, several unique items will make their way to the platform.  One such item will be a creation from one of Calvary U’s very own students! 

Having studied under a master carver while visiting the island of Rarotonga, Kathryn Phillips is now a talented and experienced carver herself. The auction will exhibit her latest Rarotonga-style carving: deer antlers (not pictured here).  From the heritage of the far reaches of the Rarotonga Island, these beautiful carvings pictured below display the impeccable talent of one of our very own. The highest bidder will take away the masterpiece!

If you would like more information on the Auction or would like to register so you can have a chance to walk away with a beautiful and unique carving, click HERE today!