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Faculty Profile:

Brittany Hill

Office: East Education 206

Title: Interim Department Chair of Theatre Arts; Adjunct Faculty, Music and Theatre Arts

Started at Calvary: May 2021

Professional Information: B.Mus. (Music Performance & Pedagogy-Voice), Calvary University, 2018; M.S. (Worship Arts), Calvary University, 2021.

Favorite aspect of teaching at Calvary: As a smaller school, it is so nice to see your student’s growth as a performer, believer and human being. You are able to show them how to use their talents for God’s glory and teach them how to function and be a light in the world through their life and future degrees.

Originally from: Peculiar, MO

How did past ministry/professional experience lead to your position at Calvary: Calvary is my father’s alma mater, and one year they performed The Music Man. They needed children to be in the cast, so my dad had my siblings and I audition and perform in it. After that I began performing regularly with the theatre department and later in the music department. The instructors in those two departments made me fall in love with the school. 

Ministry/Professional involvement outside of Calvary: Ministry should always be connected to our professional involvement outside of church and school. This means that no matter where I work, it is the perfect place to be a witness and light to others. It allows others to get to know you and realize you are not like other Christians they have met who shove Christianity down their throat. In ministry, I work with my Church, Downpour Fellowship, and in the professional realm I audition, teach, design makeup and hair for shows, and perform with local theatres. During the week, I teach voice and piano both privately and at Donna’s School of Performing Arts. I am also a stage makeup instructor at Summit Theatre Group.

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