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Last fall, Calvary University and Ethnos360 teamed up to help equip college-aged missionaries-in-training to reach the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The partnership on this project started when Jim Passetti, linguistics teacher in Ethnos360’s training center in Roach MO, contacted Joshua Paxton to ask if Calvary would host two linguistics teachers and four of their students from October through November. After graduating from the program, three of these students are pursuing missions work in Brazil, India, and Mexico, and one is still deciding where to serve. This coming September, Calvary expects to host twelve students, three children, and two linguistics teachers for two months. 

The program is designed for Ethnos360 students who show a particular aptitude for linguistics. Over the course of the program, they are trained to analyze and translate scripture into a tribal language and teach others to read the language—all for the goal of planting churches. 

Similar to last fall, this year’s group from Ethnos360 will be living in the dorms where they will have the opportunity to engage in community with Calvary students and influence them to potentially get involved in similar ministry work. They will also meet up with language partners to receive specialized training in their language of choice in downtown Kansas City.

Ultimately, Calvary University is blessed to partner with a mission outreach organization like Ethnos360 and aid them in their pursuit of equipping missionaries to spread the Gospel to every tribe, tongue, and nation.