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CU student Charissa Harwerth, studies at Calvary’s Kansas City campus, but helped out at the Colorado site while home for the summer. (Her helpers were not identified.)

“People would come in on a weekly basis saying, ‘Hey, what’s going on here?’”

Charissa Harwerth, spent her summer working at Calvary University’s Innovation Center (CUIC) in Fort Morgan, Colorado. A junior in Calvary’s Elementary Education degree program, Harwerth spent part of her childhood in Fort Morgan, and she was excited to partner with Calvary to impact her home community. Harwerth worked in admissions, contacting hundreds of prospective students and recruiting at local events.

She commented on her joy “to see the excitement in the community, especially with the Academy coming in.” Harwerth said the response to Calvary University Academy (CUA) has been especially strong. “They are doing so much. They’re instilling biblical values into these students… and students who have struggled in the public school being a light are getting training in that.”

CUIC’s presence in Fort Morgan creates opportunity to help the community and start a dialogue with its residents. Harwerth said, “God is working, and it’s coming out into the community through [God] allowing a lot of curiosity. People would come in on a weekly basis saying, ‘Hey, what’s going on here?’” Harwerth was thrilled with how the CUIC team is striving for excellence. “They are actively seeking to enhance the Fort Morgan community and also actively seeking to [reach] the community with a biblical worldview.”

Looking towards CUIC’s growth and future, Harwerth says, “They’re sticking to the biblical worldview and encouraging the community because of it… I believe God has us there for a reason. And [CUIC] has a lot of potential to see the Colorado atmosphere change, especially in its view on Christianity and the Bible.”