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After teaching full-time for 24 years at Calvary, the Millers are back as adjunct faculty.

Dr. Keith and Pat Miller retired from teaching at Calvary in 2018 after spending 24 years as an integral part of Calvary’s community. But this fall semester, they’re back! Both fill adjunct professor roles, Dr. Miller in Bible and Theology and Pat Miller in Biblical Counseling. Keith said, “We’re enjoying it immensely right now. It’s nice to be with the students again.” He currently teaches Old Testament Survey II, and Pat recently taught Counseling Women as a modular course.

Pat said that when the Millers retired, “We knew it was the right time. And I think God’s really made it clear that it was the right time.” Since leaving full-time teaching, they’ve participated in conferences and women’s retreats and planned a trip to Brazil with Calvary adjunct Joa Braga.

Both of the Millers are passionate in their disciplines; Keith in teaching and preaching and Pat in “encouraging and empowering women to see their value and how God sees them.” Pat pointed out, they committed themselves to life in ministry, “and that doesn’t stop just because you get old.” Referencing their previous ministry in the pastorate, Keith said, “Whatever God called us to in a church, we were equally called. Now we get to do this together again.”

“What we missed the most is just the students,” said Pat about why they returned. They had already considered filling an adjunct role, so when the opportunity to teach arose, they were eager to join. “In a lot of ways, I feel like we’re where college students are. They’re being trained and they want to do ministry, but they’re saying, ‘God, I don’t know what you really want me to do.’ And we’re retired standing at the path saying, ‘Okay, we want to do ministry somehow.’ The same yielded, ‘Open up the doors and show us what you want us to do.’”