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Why does God sometimes feel distant?

How can a loving God allow evil and suffering in the world? This is a sticking point for many who choose not to believe. Christians, however, choose to believe that God has a purpose in what he plans and in what he allows.  There is, however, still tension in our belief and our experience, and it is acutely felt when we encounter difficult pain, or witness the abused or suffering innocent.  We ask “why is God distant?”

As Christians, we often talk about how God is near and present. One needs to look no further than the psalms to hear about how God is an ever-present help in times of trouble.  The Psalms, however, also mourn about times when God seems absent in our times of suffering (Psalm 88). Even in the New Testament, we feel this tension: Christ telling us that He is leaving to go to the Father, while also promising to be with us until the end.

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